Yaowarat Road Bangkok

29th October 2015

I normally try and limit posts to a few images but I have a few good photos so this post will be a bit photo heavy. Pictures are better than words anyway.

One evening in the week I decided to hit up China Town in Bangkok and i’ve only ever been through there in a taxi but it looked like a good place to visit. China town is relatively easy to get to from anywhere on the MRT or BTS, you just need to get to Hua Lamphong railway station and walk from there. I decided to walk down the back roads between the train station and you see loads of old rusty engines and parts lining the streets. It’s a good sight.

I walked down one side road that had a load of classic Volkswagens. I did try get some more photographs but they come out a bit boring. The old men with the cars approved of me taking the photographs as well which was funny.

Yaowarat Road VW Beetle

Classic VW in Thailand

I left for yaowarat as soon as I finished work for the day and I managed to beat the rush hour traffic and get to China town just as the sun was setting. I got to see the back alleys approaching the road before the shops shut and then the main road at night to see all of the lit up signs.

On the top of the road closest to the railway station there was a lot of shops and restaurants selling Birds Nests and Shark Fins. I’m no vegan but it’s a bit harsh for the bird to let them build a house on some cave wall and then then to come back one day and it’s been ripped off the wall and shoved in some Chinese fella’s soup. Bids nests made out of dried up spit isn’t exactly on my list of things to eat, well maybe one day.

I managed to stumble across a shop that sold pigs face, i’m not sure weather your supposed to eat it or wear it for halloween but it was pretty freaky. It was next to other cuts of meat so i’m guessing people eat it? There were also loads of Durian stalls around too; thats one smell I won’t miss when I leave Thailand.

I was a bit gutted because all the road signs at night would have looked really good to get a long shot down the road but there is a load of smaller banners going across the road that spoiled it and I couldn’t get any decent images of the shops. I’ll have to revisit the place another time. On the way back there was a fat storm brewing, by the time I got back to Silom the storm was in full effect and I just sat on some steps watching the rain for an hour or so.

The China Town area is a definite place to visit in Bangkok. Some parts of it smell really bad but thats Thailand I guess. There was a load of cantonese restaurants as well which looked packed out but I just stuck to street food BBQ. Moving on; I have to leave Thailand again after my second month here as my visa expires so this weekend should be an interesting one. I am writing this post form the airport gate and won’t reveal the destination but it will be a good one. It’s going to be cold so i’ve got my jumper on.

Heres a couple of images from china town. Enjoy. Note the spelling mistake on the girls ass in the first photo.

Shops in Bangkok China Town

Durian in Bangkok China Town

A Pigs Face in Bangkok China Town

Bangkok China Town Signs

Yaowarat Road, Bangkok

Yaowarat Road, Bangkok