Visiting Kuala Lumpur

3rd October 2015

So as my month in Thailand was up. I had to leave and I had a few choices; do a border run and get 14 days extra, go back to England, go somewhere else or the option I took which was fly out of the country and then back to Bangkok for another visa stamp. So From Chiang Mai, the cheapest flights out of the country without needing visas were to Macau or Kuala Lumpur. This weekend is a Chinese national holiday so I can imagine it being way too busy so I ended up booking a flight to KL.

I flew into Kuala Lumpur late last night and after faffing about at the airport and spending ages getting a Malaysian SIM card I managed to get to where I was staying really easy. I’m staying at a place called reggae mansion. I was so tired but they had a rooftop bar that was playing crap club music and keeping me awake all night. I’m not complaining but not sure what’s reggae about apple bottom jeans but maybe that’s what the rastafaris are into here. Perhaps they like boots with the fur.

The Petronas Towers

The first thing I noticed about coming here is the haze. You can’t really see far in the city because of the air pollution. It’s kind of a cool aesthetic that you can barely see some buildings off in the distance but it’s dirty. It’s something to do with farmers burning things apparently.

After getting up first thing, the Petronas Towers were first on the list of places to go. Walking through the city is decent, I like the place. It’s different to Bangkok in comparison the first impressions are that it’s cleaner and less white people with giant bags & hippy clothes.

The Petronas Towers Amongst the Haze

I was at the Petronas Twin Towers at about 10 am and the sun is there in the background. The haze is so bad it partially blocks out the sun.

The Petronas Twin Towers are the 7th tallest buildings in the world. I just sat on the floor opposite drinking my iced coffee looking up at it for like half an hour. I remember watching a megastructures documentary on how it was built years ago and now to actually see it in person was another thing. You can go up the towers and across that bridge. I was happy on the outside looking in, you won’t see far in the haze.

Right by the twin towers there is a pretty big shopping centre so I had a wonder round and had a look at some expensive watches I won’t ever be able to afford. I could do with some socks that don’t smell like something died in them but I don’t have much local money on me so I guess i’ll just get some in Bangkok.

Batu Caves

After visiting the Petronas towers I headed to KL Sentral station and got the train to Batu Caves, a Hindu temple on the edge of the city. This place is tourist central but it’s nice to see. I wasn’t sure weather I was going to visit this the caves but it’s so easy to get I just got on the train and went there on the KTM line straight from KL Sentral for RMB2 which is about 30p English.

Batu Caves Entrance and Stairs

As you can see in the image above, there are a lot of steps to go up to get to the caves with the biggest Hundu statue in the world apparently (I don’t know how true that is but I heard someone saying that on the way back down).

After getting there and walking up the 275 or so steps to the top, my legs felt like it was leg day at the gym. The cave is massive and looks really good. Some bright spark decided to put some giant lamp posts slap bang in the middle of the cave so it looks a bit shit compared to what it probably did before the lamp posts. Either way it was nice to have a walk about and rack up 25 flights of stairs on IOS health app in 1 go. At the top there’s a small shrine and the sun pokes through in the opening above and it’s nice. I didn’t get a decent pic of any of the cave really. I wish I had a wide angle lense on me but oh well.

Seeing as there’s an Indian vibe here. I went on the hunt for a dosa.

Dosa Sauces

I was excited to be eating curry with my hands, I think I’d get funny looks back home with my hands in a chicken korma in Jaypur. So I got a massala dosa. The Indian fella I was sat next to informed me the curry I was also eating was sambar or something it tasted like a spicy Dahl. My food and a drink came to 6 Ringit, less than a quid. I suppose it’s cheaper eating vegan food or at least I think it was vegan.

Little India Night Market

So it turns out right by where i’m staying theres an indian night market. It’s just a standard night bazar but with loads of decent food. I got a load of meat on a stick, the lamb skewers were so good.

Overall the night market was just really average. I just ended up walking in one direction for like an hour and a half. It was good. Now, a chill day tomorrow and then i’ll fly to Bangkok for a couple of weeks.

Little India Night Bazar Kuala Lumpur