Vietnam hates me?

4th August 2016

Almost a year of traveling and I haven’t gotten sick once (food poisoning don’t count). My first week in Vietnam hasn’t been the best experience.

Stranded boat - Da nang - Vietnam
Stranded boat – Da nang – Vietnam

I got sick

A few days into my stay at Ho Chi Minh city I got so ill. Trying to cope with a fever in Asia on your own isn’t ideal; I couldn’t eat and just drank water for 3 days. Some Chinese doctors staying in the hotel kept me supplied with paracetamol. I even tried traditional Chinese medicine; it was just dried leaves in water and tasted fowl. I only tried it once.

Once the fever had passed; I went out and saw some more of Ho Chi Minh on the weekend. I didn’t do many tourist things and just walked about in the rain and then out for beers at night. Instead of just talking to the backpackers I decided to try and be a local. People in Saigon seem very friendly and I met someone from Vietnam and ate local food and drank local beer. It was good fun.

Despite the sickness and rain every day Ho Chi Minh city was awesome. Northern and central Vietnam is different to the south so i’m excited to see more of the country.

Fishing things at Da Nang beach, Vietnam
Fishing things at Da Nang beach, Vietnam

I lost my luggage

There are lots of cheap flights out of the capitol. Da Nang is an hour away and it’s central in Vietnam so I chose to go there and chill out for bit. Getting into Da nang airport wasn’t an issue but they decided not to put my luggage on the plane. Instead they decided to leave it in Saigon and ship it to me after I complained my things were missing.

So I was in Da Nang, feeling shitty, no clean clothes and at a beach full of Chinese people shouting at each other. Walking along the beach dodging the flying jellyfish (Chinese people throwing them) wasn’t how I had pictured a Vietnamese beach. I mention Chinese too much, i’ll stop.

Lifeguard post - Da Nang beach, Vietnam
Lifeguard post – Da Nang beach, Vietnam

My luggage arrived at some point. It’s not exciting here but it’s a million times better than my home town. I was bitching about the place being a bit boring but it’s nice to just chill out and be away from a busy city. I think i’m more of a city person.

So far i’ve enjoyed Vietnam. I am staying in a hostel close to the beach (1812 hostel) and there is a lot of food nearby. There isn’t much here but i’ll be in Hanoi and back into a busy city again soon.

Vietnamese country side
Vietnamese country side