Two Weeks in Budapest

18th January 2016

I have now spent two weeks in Budapest and in the week I will be leaving for Bratislava. For most of the time i’ve been here the weather has been grey or snowy which isn’t good for photos.

This weekend the weather was nice so I just walked around the city taking some photos. I’ve not eaten a lot of Hungarian food, but I found a nice restaurant and got some beef goulash. Beef goulash is really good.

Keleti Pályaudvar - Budapest, Hungary
Keleti Pályaudvar – Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is Cheap

Eastern Europe is generally cheaper than the UK and Budapest is no exception. If you stay around the tourist areas you will always pay more. Leave the tourist areas, you can get a beer for under £1 and a meal just as cheap.

I managed to find a good Russian bistro (Matrjoska bisztro) and it was the best meal i’ve had in Budapest. Go and check it out, it’s right next to the Harminckettesek tere tram stop on the metro line 1.

From Budapest, I have bought a train ticket to Bratislava for 5,500 HUF which is about £13 for a return. Back home a 50 minute train journey into London is more than twice that.

Chain Bridge - Budapest, Hungary
Chain Bridge – Budapest, Hungary
Budapest Architecture
Budapest Architecture

Architecture in Budapest

There are a lot of big fancy buildings in Budapest. It’s worth just walking along the streets and you will come across some nice areas. In the central tourist area there are big landmark buildings which is good to see.

I don’t know any of the history of the city. Some areas of Budapest look Roman, others look Ottoman. The largest Synagogue in Europe is near me, I didn’t go in but it looks fancy from the outside.

Two weeks into my Europe travels and it has been a good idea so far. It’s not as good as Asia, but I think that’s because it’s a bit familiar here. Perhaps Russia or the middle east will offer something a bit different.

I am leaving Budapest for Bratislava in the week with the possibility of a visit to Vienna on the weekend. These past two weeks for me have been busy so I have not had much time to post. I should be getting back into the swing of things these next few months. There probably won’t be anything else on here from Budapest.

Near Parlament - Budapest, Hungary
Near Parlament – Budapest, Hungary
Sunset in Budapest
Sunset in Budapest