Traveling to Seoul, South Korea

1st November 2015

This weekend has been an interesting and frustrating one. I had booked a flight Saturday morning at 2am from Bangkok to Seoul, South Korea. I went for some BBQ on Friday night in Siam because BBQ takes ages to eat. Come out the BBQ place about 8pm and I still have ages till my flight so I decided to get in a taxi and the thai man couldn’t speak much English but he was hilarious. The traffic on the way to the airport was horrible and it took almost 2 hours to get to there and the whole way all he talked about was boom boom and ‘korlean girl’. So I got to the airport, managed to get my seat upgraded for free and got on the 2am flight. I hate flying so all night I couldn’t sleep so I just did something on my laptop.

I got to Seoul at about 10am and try to get some money out the ATM and my bank account has been blocked. Luckily I had about £5 worth of Thai money left so I managed to change enough to get me to the hostel and buy a bottle of water. I managed to get Santander on the phone and they said I have to wait 24 hours till I can withdraw money. If I didn’t have enough money to get to the hostel I would have been screwed and have to sleep at the airport or something.

Saturday night I was so poor so I just had a wonder about the streets of Seoul whilst everyone was getting drunk. I saw someone dressed as the Gangman style bloke with a pumpkin face. I didn’t feel like i’m missing out, not drinking or anything as i’ve probably only got drunk 3 times since September so another weekend not drinking is alright.

Steep Hill - Hongdae, Seoul

First Impressions

First impressions of Korea compared to the other Asian countries i’ve visited (only Thailand and Malaysia) is that it’s really modern and clean, probably more so than London or any European city. I am staying in the Hongdae area of Seoul which seems really cool, theres loads of food and coffee shops about so i’ve got nothing to complain about.

Sunday I decided to just go to Gangnam on the metro and then just go from there really. I got there and there was a big sign saying Gangnam style and people posing in front of it. I just walked down some main road looking about and there’s loads of brands like in the UK, I tried to find somewhere to buy a decent jacket but by like 5pm i’ve walked about 12 kilometers and just faffed about all day so I got some Tonkotsu ramen and went back to the Hongdae for a coffee.

Korea should be sick, i’ve got a Korean mate I met at the hostel who sorted me a list of things to do so i’ll probably go through all that and see what happens. It should be a good month; i’ll probably eat me weight in kimchi and get very cold and maybe even see some snow. I’ll hopefully take more photos because i’ve walked about but not really taken any, my camera battery died not long after I got to Gangnam so I missed out on loads.