I traveled 7000km across China for £211

13th July 2017

I traveled 7000km across China, most of it by high speed railway and for only £211. I thought i’d share the route I took. It was a cheap journey but it could have much cheaper as I always chose the fastest option. I think I could have traveled the same route for less than £150 on normal trains but it would have taken way, way too long.

The route I took across China
The route I took across China

The journey started after crossing the border from Hong Kong into Shenzhen then ended at the Kazakhstan border. It was a long journey but because of China’s high speed trains it was really easy. It took about 60 hours with high speed rail and I would imagine it could take 120+ hours on the old school trains, that’s too long for a giant sitting in cramped old train.

Here’s the rundown on the tickets:

ShenzhenGuilin3h 30m£24
ChangshaChongqing8h 30m£48
ChengduXi an13h 40m£13
Xi anLanzhou8h 30m£10
LanzhouTurpan10h 30m£50

I love China but towards the end I just wanted to leave. China is difficult to travel, they need to fix their internet… so now onto Kazakhstan. I will post about the interesting 2 day journey from Urumqi.