This is what £300 a month gets you in Chiang Mai, Thailand

26th March 2016

South East Asia is cheaper to live than the west and Chiang Mai is no exception. You can find apartments in Chiang Mai for as little as £100 a month, but that is a basic room and bathroom. I decided to look for something a bit nicer than a room with a bed and it’s surprising what you can get for so little.

If you want to find somewhere cheaper then do not use Airbnb. I found that the apartments listed on there are just re-listed from other websites with 30% on top. If you want to find a budget apartment it’s often hard because they won’t have any information online.

I came across the website and it had many of the same apartments as listed on Airbnb but cheaper. Half of the website is in Thai but Google translate helps out enough to find what you need.

Dvieng Condo
Dvieng Condo

My Apartment

Chiang Mai is super cheap so I decided to get a more expensive place to stay for the month. My apartment comes with a lot for £300 and it looks fancy.  After checking into the apartment; I had a look on the advertising boards and found cheaper apartments, some as low as £200 a month.

With the apartment, electricity and a motorbike it costs about £450 a month.