The Best Camera is the One in Your Hand

4th January 2014

The best camera is the one in your hand, cliché but true. It’s all fine and dandy having a decent camera but it’s no good in your bag. Wondering about, it might be too much of a faff taking pictures and changing lenses and settings etc with a camera. Using a smart phone you just press a button. Perfect.

Still in Riga, today I went to a super dodgy market called Latgales tirgus and I came across this stall that had all sorts of Soviet Union items. After taking this picture the men were pretty pissed and started shouting all sorts of things in Russian.

I ended up picking up some old gems. I don’t know if these are real but they look pretty sweet. They even had some Nazi stuff which is a bit creepy seeing as there are a jewish monument like 100m away.

I got a FED-2 camera in the box with the original manual and a number of re-useable metal film canisters. The rewind reel hardly turns, but it is was a bargain at €17. I’ll probably never use it but it’s something to look at I guess. I might find a use for the lense one day, it looks pretty nice

ФЭД-2 (FED-2) Rangefinder Camera