St Paul’s Cathedral, London

10th December 2015

I loose everything and I lost my phone on a night out in London. About 3 weeks later I get a phone call from Marylebone Station saying they had my phone. Apparently I had left it on the underground on the train on the way back. I decided to make the most of a trip to London and ended up walking around the city all day.

It was just after my birthday and towards the end of University so was really poor at the time so I just walked about for hours. This photograph is about as British as it gets. Stood next to St Paul’s Cathedral with a double decker bus and London cab. The camera I was using at the time was the Canon AE-1 which is a perfect camera for £30 and it’s what got me interested in taking photos. I didn’t know what I was doing, but a lot of the photos came out ok on the pound shop film.