Sofia, a weekend in Bulgaria

14th September 2016

After almost a month back in the motherland, my new passport turned up and I booked a flight the same day. The cheapest flights to eastern Europe were to Budapest or Sofia. I’ve been to Budapest already so I booked the midweek £30 flight out to Sofia.

I’m going to keep this post short as I don’t have a lot to write about Bulgaria. It’s been nice and Sofia seems like a good  destination for a weekend break.

Cathedral Saint Alexandar Nevski - Sofia, Bulgaria
Cathedral Saint Alexandar Nevski – Sofia, Bulgaria


I spent the weekend in Sofia before heading onto Macedonia. I’m still in the mindset of England so it’s going to take a week or two to get used to travelling again. I haven’t got up to much so far or met many people but Sofia has been awesome. Sofia seems like a good place to spend a long weekend but I was only there to start out my next trip.

My hostel was a bit out of the city in a normal residential area but Sofia’s subway system there is decent. There was a load of crusty hippy backpackers staying there so I didn’t get to meet anyone cool. I just spent most of the time in the city anyway.

Worlds longest cigarettes - Sofia, Bulgaria
Worlds longest cigarettes – Sofia, Bulgaria

Someone had recommended a dodgy hipster bar down a back alley so one evening I headed out to find it. It took a while walking the streets checking Google maps and a pit stop at a few pubs along the way but I found the place. You walk between two old buildings down a pitch black alley way through a shed door and into the bar.

Inside the bar it is awesome, this bar was so hipster it’s not hipster. They are too cool for electricity and instead light the place with candles. It looked like a medievil throwback. I’ve stolen a picture from Google because it was too dark in there to take a picture on my phone.

Hambara - Sofia, Bulgaria (
Hambara – Sofia, Bulgaria (
Old war badges - Sofia, Bulgaria
Old war badges – Sofia, Bulgaria


Bulgaria has been awesome but I want to see a few of the Balkan countries. After a chilled out weekend in Sofia, I headed west on a 5 hour bus to Skopje, Macedonia. With no research I don’t know what to expect, maybe it will be nice, maybe it won’t.

Classic car - Sofia, Bulgaria
Classic car – Sofia, Bulgaria