Busy Shanghai

8th June 2016

Less than 100 years ago Shanghai was only a small city. Current day Shanghai is modern and completely different to how I would picture China. Walking through the city is hectic but you can end up in some interesting places.

Fish Heads - Shanghai, China
Fish Heads – Shanghai, China

My camera needs some maintenance so I decided that Shanghai is a good place to get it repaired. Instead i’ve just been using my phone instead of my camera. Taking pictures on an iPhone is just as good and I spent less time changing settings and faffing around focusing.

Dead birds - Shanghai, China
Dead birds – Shanghai, China

There’s a 4 story camera shopping center and it’s got everything so they are giving my camera a service. They have everything in there; big ass lenses and old film cameras. I wish I had enough to buy a new lense but maybe another time. I’m going to collect my camera this week and then head to Beijing sometime so fingers crossed they don’t break it.

A fishing competition somewhere in Shanghai
A fishing competition somewhere in Shanghai

Shanghai has been good so far and whilst i’ve not done many ‘tourist’ things i’ve seen loads of the city. You just need to walk in a direction and see where it goes. In a day i’ve been to a fishing competition, seen some Chinese markets, got stared at a lot, seen lots of old people dancing. Outside of the tourist spots I get a lot of stares, especially in little old Chinese restaurants. I’m getting used to it now. My local lunch spot have stopped shouting at me in Chinese and know to just serve me beef noodles.

Pork meatball noodles in Shanghai
Pork meatball noodles in Shanghai

Chinese food roulette is always good fun. I went into a Szechuan restaurant and ended getting with a rabbits head with peanuts on top. It turns out there’s almost no meat on a rabbits head and I just ate the tongue and the peanuts. After staring at the peanut dusted rabbit skull for a while my whole roasted rabbit came over and it was the spiciest thing i’ve ever had. Szechuan cuisine is supposed to be hot and numbing and this rabbit was bright red and about as spicy as it gets. It was so good.

Some Chinese Geeza - Shanghai, China
Some Chinese Geeza – Shanghai, China

I’m hoping to spend some time next week in Beijing and Xi’an. I’ll just have to plan out the transport between each of the cities. I want to see the great wall, eat Chinese food from other regions and see the terracotta warriors.

Shanghai Shenhua FC
Shanghai Shenhua FC