Having a Wonder Around Rīga, Latvia

4th January 2014

So on a wimb I decided to go to Rīga, Latvia from Brussels after new years eve on a quick decision purely because a plane ticket was cheap.

Sometimes spontaneous things are supposed to pay off, well this time it may well have. On first reflections the place is great. After two days wondering about that still remains. Rīga looks old and indeed it probably is. Theres loads of big ass old buildings in and around the city centre. I’m not one of many words so instead heres a load of images.

A Christmas Market

The Streets of Riga

Some Old Ass Door

So after moving to Brussels on a wimb, I have somehow ended up on a impromptu Euro trip. Fine by me, it will have to come to an end one day though and i’ll face the harsh reality of it then. For now; as they say ‘go with the flow’