Pristina, Kosovo

19th September 2016

Kovoso is the newest country in Europe and my only knowledge about the Kosovo is the conflict in the 90s. Some countries don’t recognize Kosovo as a country but I do. The Kosovo conflict ended almost 20 years ago now so Pristina must have developed a lot since then.

Sticker man - Prishtina - Kosovo
Sticker man – Prishtina – Kosovo

Coming from Skopje, it’s a short 90km trip to Pristina. I got into the city, found my hostel and headed out to find some coffee. If you are going to Pristina then go and stay in the Prishtina Center Hostel it’s new and the owners are cool.

Leaving any city center is always interesting. I went in the direction of a few mosques off in the distance and ended up at a market. Walking through markets with a camera is going to get some weird looks but in Pristina people loved it.

Pristina market - Kosovo
Pristina market – Kosovo
Walking the streets of Prishtina - Kosovo
Walking the streets of Prishtina – Kosovo

My stay in Pristina was great. I loved the place. It’s small, but it’s got potential to be a great city in the future. Two nights in the city were enough for me so Friday evening I left for Tirana, Albania. On the way to the bus station the taxi driver informed me about there being no busses from Pristina station that day. He offered to take me to the next city for €40 and kept phoning some bus station to reserve me tickets. I didn’t trust a word he was saying and got out at the bus station and within 10 minutes I was on the bus towards Albania. Never trust anyone.

This post is really short so apologies for that. I have been so busy since leaving Pristina, it’s been a hectic few days.

This man shouted over asking to take his picture, Prishtina - Kosovo
This man shouted over asking to take his picture, Prishtina – Kosovo