Phuket Thailand

24th October 2015

Krabi was good to spend a few days not doing much, but it got a bit boring so I decided to get the ferry to Phuket for something a bit more exciting. The ferry picked me up from my room in a big wooden bus, took everyone to the ferry and off we went. The boat journey took about 2 hours and I tethered to my phone to get some work done until the internet cut out at sea.

After finishing off some work I went out and sat on the front of the boat with my legs off the side and watched the islands go past. The ferry ride was nice and it is definitely better than sitting in a cramped minivan going the long way round. The company I got my ferry from takes you from door to door and once in Phuket they packed everyone from the ferry into minivans and then to hotels.

Ferry from Ao Nang to Phuket

Patong Beach

Patong is really busy, theres loads going on and the beach is nicer than Ao Nang too. The beach seems really clean and it has jet skis for ฿1500 which was a good laugh and I ended up going really far out and saw some massive red jelly fish.

Patong town has a big long road with a load of bars; Bangla Road. It’s not bad, I prefer sitting on the beach with a load of beers because it’s more chilled and you get harassed less about pingpong shows.

On Bangla road there was a man walking about with a slow loris and people were taking selfies with it; the slow loris is an endangered animal so he wasn’t happy when I kicked off at him. Taking a picture of an exploited, endangered animal isn’t cute.

Just off the main road theres the typical Thailand of loads of night markets and that. It’s cool but Bangkok is way better for that. Sitting on the beach is the place to be.

I had a sick time in Phuket and spent most days in the sea or by the sea and although food there was a bit shit I would definitely go back. Next stop Bangkok for the weekend then I am not sure what to do next.

Patong Beach BBQ Market