Patarei Prison in Tallinn, Estonia

8th January 2014

I left Riga and got a bus which took me to Tallinn, Latvia for my third country so far and a nice journey through the cold mid-winter Baltic countryside. Staying at some hostel, they were all talking about some sort of old USSR gulag prison. I heard that and straight away knew I had to go and check this place out.

This place was crazy, a totally unexpected find and something that I hope i’ll be able to re-visit given more time. I ended up going with a load of people from the hostel and it was at night which added to the creepiness of the place. Because it was dark I did not take my camera and just used my phone, which wasn’t great but got some good photos.

A Standard 28 man Cell

Most of the prison was dark, but a few corridors and rooms still had some lighting, but the dark rooms added to the weird factor. The prison’s condition was weird, it was if the prisoners just left overnight; posters still on the walls & quilts still on the beds.

Death row had some swanky rooms; the corridors lined with tiles and the 2 people per cell instead of the 28 per cell as in the other rooms.

Death Row

Prison Cell Mural

With 23 hours a day in these cells it would be hell so what better way to pass time by drawing a massive mural of vikings (probably not vikings) and a naked bird, although going outside wasn’t any better.

Outside you’d be locked in a cage to just sit there then when the hour is up, back inside. This prison sounds like great fun. Wheres the PS2 at?

Outdoor Cages

Going through the prison was rushed because the tour bloke was pretty pissed that someone hadn’t payed him and just tagged along. I could have spent all night there looking at all the sketchy rooms, sadly he was more interested in meeting his mates outside and going to the pub. There was so many rooms we was not shown, like the hospital section.