Moldova was interesting

30th September 2016

Iasi is right across the border from Iasi so I got the 3 hour bus to Chisinau the capital city. As soon as the bus crossed the border into Moldova everything started to change. The countryside looked different and the towns turned into small rural villages. Roads went from bumpy to really bumpy. I got into Chinisau …

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Romania Serbia

A long ass weekend

28th September 2016

I left Belgrade in the direction of Ukraine. Between Serbia and Ukraine is Romania and Moldova so I had planned to also see them on the way. I had plans to see a few cities in Romania but ended up traveling about 1000km across the country. Timisora Getting to Timisora, Romina was super easy. I got there …

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Belgrade, Serbia

26th September 2016

Belgrade seems to me like the most famous city in the Balkans so it was my last stop before heading east. I know a few Serbs and have met many in the Balkans the past few weeks and they all recommend Belgrade. I got into Belgrade bus station from Sarajevo and jumped straight into some …

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

My thoughts on Bosnia and Herzegovina

23rd September 2016

I didn’t know what to expect from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but now it’s one of my favourite countries. What I liked about Bosnia is that it’s not ruined by tourists. Mostar was busy but Sarajevo was quiet and it felt more authentic. Mostar I started looking a the Balkan countries before my first trip to Croatia about 4 years ago. One …

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Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina Kosovo Montenegro

4 countries in a weekend

22nd September 2016

Four countries in a weekend (counting Friday as the start of the weekend) was mad tiring but absolutely worth it. It started out in Kosovo then Albania, Montenegro and then finally Bosnia & Herzegovina.  Friday afternoon I left Kosovo for Tirana, Albania. A few hours in a cramped mini bus was worth it for the views as …

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Pristina, Kosovo

19th September 2016

Kovoso is the newest country in Europe and my only knowledge about the Kosovo is the conflict in the 90s. Some countries don’t recognize Kosovo as a country but I do. The Kosovo conflict ended almost 20 years ago now so Pristina must have developed a lot since then. Coming from Skopje, it’s a short 90km trip …

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Skopje, Macedonia

18th September 2016

I flew to Bulgaria with the intent of seeing the Balkans. Bulgaria is a famous country and a lot of people visit there but few visit the rest of the Balkan countries. My plan is to see some of the lesser known countries in Europe. I got to the Sofia central bus station at 8:30, bought a ticket to …

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Sofia, a weekend in Bulgaria

14th September 2016

After almost a month back in the motherland, my new passport turned up and I booked a flight the same day. The cheapest flights to eastern Europe were to Budapest or Sofia. I’ve been to Budapest already so I booked the midweek £30 flight out to Sofia. I’m going to keep this post short as …

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Bulgaria Hong Kong United Kingdom

Hong Kong, Home and Gone Again

11th September 2016

Passports last for ten years and my passport expires early 2017. You need at least 6 months validity to visit most countries so I had to renew it. I headed back to England for the unlimited supply of crisps at my mums house and to renew my passport. Flights from Hanoi to the UK were more expensive …

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Hong Kong Vietnam

Leaving Vietnam and onto Hong Kong

12th August 2016

Vietnam has been awesome. So much good coffee, tasty food and it’s cheap. I think i’m getting burnt out of traveling now, or maybe just Asia. I have been looking at alternatives, maybe eastern Europe again for a while. Hanoi Hanoi seems different to Ho Chi Minh and even though I have not seen much of each cities …

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Ha Long Bay

10th August 2016

One of the more famous places in Vietnam is Ha Long Bay so that’s what I went to see. From Hanoi it’s a cramped 4 hour bus ride to the bay and I love to complain about transport but this bus was so cramped.Half way I managed to stretch my legs and get some feeling back in …

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Heading north in Vietnam

8th August 2016

Right now i’m in Vietnam and I won’t get to see the whole country but it’s been mostly awesome so far. Danang wasn’t the most exciting city but it makes a change from super busy cities. Danang was good for not doing much; chilling by the sea and drinking coconuts. Hoi An is near Danang and …

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