Azerbaijan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan

Kazakhstan is cold

23rd October 2016

Recently, I had travelled from Georgia to Baku, Azerbaijan. One day in Baku was enough and I decided to head out to somewhere more interesting. Almaty I booked a next day flight to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Flights to western Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan were cheaper but Almaty was the best option. Uzbekistan requires a visa and it…

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Baku, Azerbaijans fake city

16th October 2016

After waiting a week for my Azerbaijan visa, it was just an overnight train from Tbilisi to Baku. I try not to talk bad about a country but this weekend was a disaster. Train from Tbilisi to Baku From Tbilisi main train station it’s a 14 hour train to Baku and for about £20 in…

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Mtskheta, Gori and Uplistsikhe cave city

14th October 2016

I’m staying in a hostel that also does tours around Georgia. I decided on a tour to a few places north west of Tbilisi and it turned out to be an awesome day. Mtsheta, an old city just outside of Tbilisi, Gori the home town of Stalin and then Uplistsikhe. Mtskheta and Jvari Our tour headed out…

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Georgia the country not Georgia the US state

11th October 2016

USA has a state called Georgia and I will go there one day but first I wanted to see the Georgia the country. It was just a few hours on a bus through the mountains from Yerevan, Armenia so I headed there one afternoon after checking out of my hostel in Yerevan. The Journey Bus journeys are straight…

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Armenia and the Caucasus Mountains

9th October 2016

I flew out of Kiev, left Europe behind and headed to Armenia. It was cheaper to fly to Georgia but I wanted to see Armenia. You cannot cross into Azerbaijan from Armenia so I just decided to start off in Armenia. Yerevan’s best hostel seems to be Envoy hostels and includes free breakfast which I made the…

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A Weekend in Kiev

7th October 2016

Kiev is a city i’ve always wanted to see and a lot of people traveling Europe seem to love the city. Soon I will be leaving Europe and my last stop was Kiev. I arrived into the train station at 2am and headed to the hostel. The taxi driver had an old BMW and was showing…

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I love Ukraine

2nd October 2016

Ukraine is a milestone country for me at number 40. I was hoping Ukraine would be nice and Odessa turned out to be a good city to arrive into. Odessa seems like a cool little European city. You hear about Ukraine not being safe and recently there’s been conflict in the east but Odessa was fine. I…

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Moldova was interesting

30th September 2016

Iasi is right across the border from Iasi so I got the 3 hour bus to Chisinau the capital city. As soon as the bus crossed the border into Moldova everything started to change. The countryside looked different and the towns turned into small rural villages. Roads went from bumpy to really bumpy. I got into Chinisau…

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Romania Serbia

A long ass weekend

28th September 2016

I left Belgrade in the direction of Ukraine. Between Serbia and Ukraine is Romania and Moldova so I had planned to also see them on the way. I had plans to see a few cities in Romania but ended up traveling about 1000km across the country. Timisora Getting to Timisora, Romina was super easy. I got there…

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Belgrade, Serbia

26th September 2016

Belgrade seems to me like the most famous city in the Balkans so it was my last stop before heading east. I know a few Serbs and have met many in the Balkans the past few weeks and they all recommend Belgrade. I got into Belgrade bus station from Sarajevo and jumped straight into some…

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