New York City is more than Manhattan

22nd January 2017

A few days of walking around Manhattan was enough so I decided to check out some other areas of NYC. I don’t know about the rest of the US but NYC has specific ethnic groups in each neighborhoods. One neighborhood will have loads of Mexicans and taco shops then 2 minutes down the road it’s…

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New year same me

19th January 2017

Christmas and New Year was nice to go home and chill out, but it’s always good to go away again. This year I’m starting out in NYC. Getting to New York A flight from London to New York JFK cost £147 and goes via Stockholm, Sweden. The whole journey was long with 5 hour wait…

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Athens is a cool city

11th December 2016

My plan was to stay in Israel until the 15th of December for a flight back to the UK. I didn’t like Israel and it’s expensive so a cheap flight to Athens was a better idea. Out of Israel there was only a few cheap places to fly to. It seems like everybody has been to Greece, so…

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My thoughts on Palestine

6th December 2016

Western media is in favor of Israel and people automatically think that Palestine is bad. Israel restricts Palestinians rights, takes away their land and gets away with all sorts. I wanted to see Palestine for myself and make my own opinion. I headed out to Bethlehem early morning with the intention of seeing a few…

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My thoughts on Israel

4th December 2016

Many countries hate Israel. Just going to Israel will prevent me from going to other countries in future; Lebanon and Iran for example. It’s a controversial place to visit but I decided to go there and make my own decision. It’s hard to not talk bad about Israel when my experiences are not good. I’m…

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Israel still think I am a terrorist

1st December 2016

After the long border crossing at the Israel/Egypt border on the way to Petra last week, I expected the same crossing again. This time, I would be crossing the border into Palestine. The occupied west bank is controlled by Israel so I expected them to be more suspicious of me. Leaving Jordan From Amman; I got a…

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Amman, Jordan

29th November 2016

Amman is the capital city of Jordan. I couldn’t visit the country and not stay in the capital so the next stop was Amman. I got the 4pm tourist bus from Petra to Amman for 10JD (about £11). There is a non tourist bus for 5JD but it leaves in the morning and I had…

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The lost city of Petra, Jordan

25th November 2016

Petra is one of the wonders of the world. I have wanted to visit Petra for many years and it turned out to be way more amazing than you see on TV or images. After my disaster of crossing into Israel, I ended up having to stay the night before heading to Jordan. Leaving Israel…

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Israel thought I was a terrorist

24th November 2016

10:30am Saturday morning I left Dahab in the direction of Israel. The plan was to travel overland through the southern part of Israel and then into Jordan. Two hours on a bus through the Sinai region of Egypt I was at the border town of Taba. You have to get out at the bus station and…

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Egypt: Cairo and Dahab

21st November 2016

I flew into Egypt from Turkey, saw the pyramids of Giza and then had some time to see more of Egypt before heading somewhere else.  The original plan was to head south through Egypt. I loved Cairo so much and ended up spending a week there and instead heading east towards Jordan. Cairo Cairo is one…

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