28th June 2015

So I live 20 minutes on the train to Oxford and i’ve only ever just gone there for food or to go shopping. I woke up real early on the weekend and instead of wasting a nice sunny day, I went to Oxford for something to do and test out the Leica M9.

After getting into Oxford and walking down by the river, the place was dead as it was still quite early. I’ve never gone around there so I didn’t know where to go and just ended up walking around aimlessly. There was some space with a big field and some old buildings covered in ivy which looked pretty cool.

Some building covered in ivy

After going around in the city and amongst the University buildings I got bored too quick. It much be something about the place but it’s nothing special. Maybe i’m not into posh things. Either way, theres some big old buildings and that archway place so I headed round there and had a look about. It was kinda early and really sunny so there was some big shadows and I wasn’t really taking many pictures.

It wasn’t till I got back home and looked at the images that I realised the two lenses I took with me were covered in dust so most of the shots I got were duds. The image below had some of dust marks but I just photoshopped them out. This was taken using the Voigtlander 15mm which is supposed to have issues with colour fringing as the rear lense element is too close to the censor and you can see it but it’s okay I guess. I don’t know if it’s just me but all of the shots taken with the 15mm appear to be leaning back but without a tilt shift this cannot be avoided.

Circular Building

Moving on from the big posh round building, walking towards the National History Museum is that famous archway you see over the road. It was difficult to get a shot of the arch because of the harsh shadows and angle of the sun but I just put on my Voigtlander 40mm (probably should get a 35mm) and used the lense hood to try and get the best shot possible.

It’s a shame I don’t really know Oxford, because after this I didn’t really take any more shots and just walked round the shops. I’m not sure I will re-visit the place again any time soon but a day in London would definitely be a good idea. Oxford is great, but I guess you just get used to seeing the place over and over.

Using the Leica was a great and just really enjoyable experience because it’s so simple. Using the 15mm and 40mm Voigtlander lenses are probably not the best combinations. Maybe next time it would be more wise to go somewhere with just the 35mm Summicron.

After a look about and quick stop in the Natural History Museum I headed to Mission Burrito and got a big manly meal with a root beer and beef burrito. They did good despite claiming that Guacamole is an ‘extra’.

Oxford Archway


It was the first time I have used the Leica M9 and it’s a piece of art and something that everyone needs to experience. It’s always a learning curve but with my limited time using other rangefinders the focusing wasn’t too much of an issue as I just used zone focusing and a high aperture most of the time. It was great to use a digital camera again and coming from film i’m still used to being conservative with the shots which is always a good thing I guess.

Overall, Oxford is great but I’ve seen the place before so it’s just same old really. Cowley road carnival is coming up soon so another trip to the city will be needed.

Theres a lot on the next two months, sadly most of them I won’t be taking photographs at, i’m really paranoid about getting my things stolen so i’d just prefer to leave it at home. I should be heading on a road trip to Newquay and back next week and I may shoot some photographs but it probably won’t happen.