Outlook Festival 2012

6th May 2015

I haven’t been up to much over the past year since going on some travels in 2014 so I haven’t had anything to write posts about. I have decided to make some posts about past events and things I have got up to before starting my blog. I have plans to do some awesome things towards the end of this year but until then i’ll be saving my cash and having a super chilled out summer  — Well that’s the plan.

So a few years back I went to Outlook Festival in Pula, Croatia and I was looking through a few pictures this morning and I’ve decided that I really want to re-visit Croatia but this time visit the surrounding countries as well. I always have so many ideas and great plans for places to visit but never share them or even end up doing half of it. Going to Outlook was my first taste of going somewhere a bit different. Previously, I had only been to your average Brit aboard holidays and going to Italy and Croatia (with a brief stop in Slovenia) in one go was really good.

I’m not one for sitting on a beach all day but this one was nice. Sitting under the trees looking out at the Adriatic drinking Lemon Radler was nice but it would get boring fast. Not something I could do for a week. The main beach was like a sardine tin but there was a smaller, quieter one out the way which had a load of trees to sit under. I’d get too tanned and look like David Dickinson otherwise.

As a whole, Outlook and the whole trip was awesome; the venue is great, the country is great and the local town of Pula is nice and it is cheap. Going to a cheap country is always a bonus, it was a couple of quid for a bottle of vodka and a load of juice in the shops.

Going to Croatia, I took one of the best camera i’ve owned; the Canon AE-1 with the standard 50mm f1.8 lens. I didn’t really take many pictures which was a shame. I think at the time it felt a bit weird walking about spending time working the camera and focusing etc. I took a load of cheap film I got from the pound shop (Agfa Vista 400) which was probably too high ISO but it worked great and I didn’t want to spend loads of money on film in case it all came out wrong. The beauty of the Canon AE-1 is the price tag, you could go on eBay and bag yourself a camera for about £50 and shoot with £1 film and take incredible photos. For the same price you could get a crappy old digital camera that might take some average photographs.

The stages at Outlook Festival were amazing; the moat being my favourite, a really long thin stage in the castle moat. On the first night of the festival I had managed to get a sweet spot in the moat and stayed there all night for the Swamp81 showcase. I regret not taking any good photographs around the festival because the place is nice. Going to the dock side, which is where the two main stages were seemed like it was a bit of an after thought, a way of making the festival much bigger than the initial festival in the fort. Going down there seems like any other big commercial festival with a massive stage and thousands of people. The difference being the acts playing. Outlook had a really diverse lineup and if you didn’t know anyone playing it still sounded great overall. It’s not like turning up to V festival and having to listen to Justin Bieber or something.

There really are not many negatives with Outlook. I think the only bad thing is the prices of food and drinks inside the festival. You would pay about £4 for a drink in the festival which is about the price of a drink in any place in the UK which is absurd and if your on a tight budget, which I was, then you have to be careful.