New York to Hong Kong

28th January 2017

USA has been good and I would love to live in NYC at some point to scope out the city. Apartments in New York are too expensive so I won’t be doing that any time soon.

As for now; I miss Asia so I am returning to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year. When my passport was about to expire last year, I only got to see HK for one night before heading back home. This time I have 5 nights in the city and the weather is not too hot so, it should be awesome.

24h shops - Hong Kong
24h shops – Hong Kong

The flight

NYC to HK is a long way. I managed to find a flight online for about £250 via Tokyo. After booking the flight, I checked how much the NYC to Tokyo flight costs and it’s £800. So it works out much cheaper to go further for some reason.

Causeway Bay - Hong Kong
Causeway Bay – Hong Kong

Checking in at the airport, the lady at the desk was asking to see proof that I am staying in HK and onward flights. Hong Kong does not need evidence of onward flights so I suspect they were making sure that I wasn’t leaving at Tokyo to save money. She upgraded my seats without me having to ask which is a bonus; 14 hours in a cramped ass seat to Tokyo would suck.

Fourteen hours from NYC to Tokyo was long but I got drunk on japanfree sake. After a quick pit stop in Tokyo to get some ramen, it was another 5 hours to Hong Kong.

Fresh fish market - North Point, HK
Fresh fish market – North Point, HK
Exotic fish - Somewhere in HK
Exotic fish – Somewhere in HK

Hong Kong

My last visit to HK was only short but this time I am here for 5 nights. This time the weather is perfect; most of the time it’s 17 degrees and not too humid. Perfect for walking about taking photos.

HK has some of the best food in the world so this week is all about walking the streets, getting lost and eating food.

Somewhere in Hong Kong
Somewhere in Hong Kong
Mongkok, Hong Kong
Mongkok, Hong Kong