New year same me

19th January 2017

Christmas and New Year was nice to go home and chill out, but it’s always good to go away again. This year I’m starting out in NYC.

Brookyln Bridge - New York City, USA
Brookyln Bridge – New York City, USA

Getting to New York

A flight from London to New York JFK cost £147 and goes via Stockholm, Sweden. The whole journey was long with 5 hour wait in Stockholm airport, but it’s cheap I guess. After Israel’s immigration getting funny, I was expecting the same but USA was a breeze.

I got out the airport and the phone stalls were all closed. I decided to head into the city and hope the person at the airbnb apartment is in. NYC’s subway system was confusing but I managed to get the 3 trains and to the apartment in about an hour.

Smoke stacks and Yellow cabs - NYC Upper east side, USA
Smoke stacks and Yellow cabs – NYC Upper east side, USA

It was 1am, I had been awake over 24 hours and nobody was at the apartment to let me in and the area felt super sketchy. I had a crack head lady shouting at me and a load of groups of people walking past staring. There was no way of contacting the person to find out what was going on, no phone and no idea where to go.

Stood in the rain, in Brooklyn on my own at 2am isn’t fun. I managed to get cover under a nearby shop and found some WiFi without a password and connected to the internet. It turns out the man had left a key hidden nearby the apartment.

I headed back to the apartment, past all the druggies and suspicious looking people and the police pulled over. They said the area is safe but offered to just follow me back to the apartment. I ended up getting in fine and passed out for 12 hours.

Manhattan bridge - Brooklyn, USA
Manhattan bridge – Brooklyn, USA

First Impressions

NYC is awesome, it looks exactly how you see it on TV. I’m staying out of Manhattan in Brooklyn and it’s a direct subway train into the city. There’s not a whole lot to see in the area I am staying, but loads in the other areas of Brooklyn.

It’s nice to be out of England again and it’s easy here because everybody speaks english. I’m not a museum or art gallery kind of bloke so NYC is all about walking the streets and eating too much food. The Pizza here is amazing.

On the corner of Central Park - Manhattan, USA
On the corner of Central Park – Manhattan, USA