Nami Island, Korea in Autmn

14th November 2015

I had a look online at places to visit from Seoul within an hour radius and Nami island looked like it was worth a visit. Saturday morning I got to Yongsan Train Station and got a return train ticket for 8000 won which is about £4.50. I guess public transport in Korea is quite good because if that was England it would have cost about £20. From Yongsan train station it took about an hour to arrive at Gapyeong Train Station.

The Approach to Nami Island

I just walked between the train station and the ferry to Nami Island and you get a quick look into rural Korea. Walking to the ferry you can see the river and mountains in the clouds, it is a nice walk and saves going on a packed bus. Once at the ferry, it costs 8000 won to get onto the island. Getting to Nami Island all together from Seoul is 16,000 won with the train and ferry onto the island.

On the island, at first it seems a bit false with a lot of new buildings made to look traditional. I just skipped past all the Disney stuff and just had a walk around the island. I havn’t been to Nami Island in any other season but Autumn makes the island great for photographs. I didn’t take many photos but I managed to get a few nice shots.

Flooded Wooded Area

Strange Sculpture in the Woods

A Couple on Nami Island

Path Through the Trees

Nami Island Ferry

There isn’t too much to do on Nami Island. I just did a slow lap around the island and then sat down on a log watching the boats go past.

Back in Seoul I went to see the Seoul Lantern Festival. On the previous weekend I met someone at the palace and got talking to him for a while. Somehow, I managed to find the same man at this festival so I spoke to him for a bit. The lantern festival was full of people walking slow so I decided to go back for the night. My camera dies just after I got there so I didn’t get any photos worth sharing. Most of the lanterns were too bright to get a good photo of.