My First Week in Seoul, South Korea

5th November 2015

Coming form Thailand, the first thing I noticed was the massive temperature difference. When I left Bangkok on Friday night it was 34 degrees and super humid. On arrival in Seoul the following day it was 5 degrees. Walking the streets was a bit of a shock at first but you get used to it fast enough. As soon as I got my bank unblocked I went straight to the Carhartt shop in Gangnam and got myself a fluffy jacket. It’s now hanging up above the bed in my hostel. Why theres taps there I don’t have a clue.

Junction in Seoul, Korea

Thoughts on Korean Food

I wasn’t sure about going to Korea at first because I ate Korean food in Thailand once and it was awful. Korean food is bloody good and i’ve not had BBQ yet but what i’ve had so far has been impressive. I had some good Korean dim sum for lunch today. They just came over with a fat plate of steamy dumplings and I demolished the lot. They had some prawn dumpling with a tail hanging out the end which was funny but it didn’t taste that great.

My favourite food so far has been Tteokbokki. It’s super cheap and there is a street food vendor selling it on every corner. As a comparison; Tteokbokki is like an Asian version of tomato gnocchi.

One night in the week I decided to go to Gwangjang Market in the city. It has over 5000 stalls according to the internet and I don’t have attention span to see most of it so I just had a browse. I didn’t take my camera with me because i’m an idiot but it’s a cool place for photographs. There’s plenty of pigs faces to take pictures of. After leaving Gwangjang market I walked in the direction of Myeng-Dong.

Shopping in Seoul

My only comparison for shops in Asia are in Thailand and Malaysia and they were a bit limited. I had to buy some new trainers in Phuket because the others ended up in the sea and the choices for good trainers were bad.

Seoul for shops is as good or if not better than in London. I’ve yet to find a decent shoe shop but for the most part theres a lot of choice. Theres a load of New Balance shops and they have a nice all leather pair but they are like £250 and that is way too much. I could be wrong but Myeng-Dong seems like the the main outdoor shopping area in central Seoul. I was looking at some Nike Air Max in a shop there and the girl working there told me they are girls shoes. If your visiting Seoul go to Myeng-Dong, it’s good in the evenings.

Crabs swimming in a sea of soy sauce, chilli and garlic.

Krabs at Gwangjang Market, Seoul

This Month in Seoul

This week i’ve not done much. I’ve been to a few places and just walked around the city, it’s good to take everything in. I love the style of the city and the Korean writing on signs.

After a week in a hostel, i’ve managed to scope out the city a bit and some of the locals have told me the best areas to stay. I’ve found the smallest apartment ever in the centre of Seoul that I will go to on the weekend. It’s not the most exciting area but it’s well connected to the whole city. Where I am staying now, in Hongdae is a good area but a bit hipster-ish.

I was thinking about going to the DMZ on the border with the north but it looks like it might be a bit boring. I can’t imagine a concrete building and some guards being that interesting.