Moldova was interesting

30th September 2016

Iasi is right across the border from Iasi so I got the 3 hour bus to Chisinau the capital city.

As soon as the bus crossed the border into Moldova everything started to change. The countryside looked different and the towns turned into small rural villages. Roads went from bumpy to really bumpy.

Street clothes market - Chisinau, Moldova
Street clothes market – Chisinau, Moldova

I got into Chinisau just after sunset, jumped in a battered old taxi and headed to my hostel for the night. The taxi driver was talking to me in Russian and I spoke what limited Russian I knew till we arrived at a dark road. He said we were at the hostel, overcharged me and then told me to get out.

Stood on a dark road without any directions and no sight of a hostel was stressful. It didn’t feel dangerous, I just knew it was going to be hard work trying to find the hostel. Nobody in the area spoke a word of English nor did they know where the hostel was. Anybody able to speak English would just point in different directions every time.

I ended up finding a McDonalds, got some wifi and found a different place; Tapok Hostel. By the time I got to the hostel 3 hours has passed, not a good start for Chisinau.

Oldschool trucks - Chisinau, Moldova
Oldschool trucks – Chisinau, Moldova


I miss Asia, there’s something hectic about the place. Chisinau is hectic. Walking the busy streets lined with people selling all sorts was interesting. It’s good to be amongst all sorts of busy stuff again. Chisinau is missing good coffee shops, bars and just places to chill out. I walked about for an hour looking for a coffee shop and all I managed to find was betting shops and kebab stands.

Chisinau is a hectic city. It’s got so much going on in the center but it’s missing out on everything else. I was there for the day and it wasn’t for me. Back at the hostel I asked them to call me a taxi and 40 minutes later no taxi had arrived. Even in the poorest and most unorganised countries in the world you can get a taxi easy, not in Chisinau. My original plans were to stay in Chisinau for a few days before heading onto Ukraine but I ended up staying less than 24 hours.

Next stop a 6 hour bus ride to Odessa, Ukraine and then continuing east.

Street market - Chisinau, Moldova
Street market – Chisinau, Moldova