Leaving Vietnam and onto Hong Kong

12th August 2016

Vietnam has been awesome. So much good coffee, tasty food and it’s cheap. I think i’m getting burnt out of traveling now, or maybe just Asia. I have been looking at alternatives, maybe eastern Europe again for a while.

Morning coffee - Hanoi, vietnam
Morning coffee – Hanoi, vietnam


Hanoi seems different to Ho Chi Minh and even though I have not seen much of each cities there is a clear difference. So far in Hanoi i’ve seen Ha Long Bay, eaten tons of food and drank a lot of coffee. Last year there was a picture of Obama in Hanoi eating noodles in a regular restaurant. I feel like i’m missing out if I go to Hanoi and don’t eat there so I got the address and went.

Bún Chả Hương Liên is famous in Hanoi now and they have an “Obama menu” on the wall showing what he ordered. He had noodles, spring rolls and a beer, so that’s what I ordered. The food wasn’t fancy and the Bún Chả tasted amazing. Imagine how BBQs smell; that’s how it tasted. I feel like Obama and I are practically best mates now so next time I see him, i’ll tell him about the noodles in Hanoi.

Obama's Bún Chả in Hanoi, Vietnam
Obama’s Bún Chả in Hanoi, Vietnam
Obama Noodles - Hanoi, Vietnam
Obama Noodles – Hanoi, Vietnam

Pokemon GO has just released in Vietnam. I went out catching Pokemans whilst looking for street food and walking around the city. There must have been 500 people in a park in the center of Hanoi playing the game. It’s funny to see but not so much when people are riding their motorbikes and looking at their phones. I deleted the game after 2 days.

Hanoi has been great. I’ve not explored much of the city and i’ve seen no tourist spots. It has been nice to not do anything; sit by the street on little tiny stalls drinking coffee, eating food. Chicken, sticky rice and soy milk tastes better than it sounds.

Pillows for sale - Hanoi, vietnam
Pillows for sale – Hanoi, vietnam

Next Stop Hong Kong

I find beaches boring so i’m not sure if I should go to go to the Philippines and Indonesia. Hanoi has been awesome and it’s the last place i’ll visit in Vietnam, next stop is Hong Kong then I have no plans. I need a new passport ASAP so I will have to stay in somewhere for up to 8 weeks whilst I renew it. Maybe i’ll return to Korea/Japan; they are nice countries to live and there will be no backpacker holiday-hippies.

Donut dealer - Hanoi, vietnam
Donut dealer – Hanoi, vietnam

Hong Kong is one of the cities I have always wanted to visit. Amazing food, it’s super busy and the skyline looks like one of the best in the world. Hopefully it’s not too expensive or too humid, either way it should be good. I doubt i’ll stay there long but there are lots of cheap flights out of the city so it’s a good stop over for a few days. Flights out of Hanoi are a bit limited so it’s good to go somewhere from HK.

Fruit & nuts - Hanoi, vietnam
Fruit & nuts – Hanoi, vietnam