Krabi & Ao Nang Southern Thailand

17th October 2015

After spending a weekend in Malaysia and some time back in Bangkok. I decided to go to a beach and flying out of Bangkok you can get a flight to Krabi for £20 and its only an hour flight. After arriving in Krabi and staying in Krabi town for the night, theres no beach in the town so I had to re-locate to Ao Nang.

The haze southern Thailand is as bad as in Malaysia, you cant even see the sun half the time, it’s hot and the air is dirty but it’s not sunny. I’m a bit disappointed because everything is 3 times the price here compared to Chaing Mai. Some places are even more expensive than Bangkok.

Being a geek, I always need fast internet and normally Coffee shops are good places for that but here it’s just full of restaurants selling average food, shops selling tat and cheap bars. I got an unlimited 4G internet sim card at the airport in Bangkok and it turns out you get 4G at the beach so I just used my phone internet on my laptop and worked on the beach half the time. You can’t even get internet half the time in England but Thailand, you get internet pretty much everywhere. I went on a boat ride to Railay beach and got 4G, I was proper was sketching out about getting my laptop wet the whole time though.

Working on the Beach

Ao Nang Nightlife

As usual; all week was spent on the laptop, then the weekend doing something. Ao Nang is really laid back so thats was the plan for the weekend. I’ve been in Thailand almost 6 weeks now and not got drunk once so this weekend the plan was to do absolutely nothing and get a few beers in. The weekend consisted of drinking on the beach, it was decent and the haze cleared and the sun came out. It was good to see the sunset with a beer.

The sea at Ao Nang beach wasn’t that clear but it was nice and warm. I think the last time I went in the sea was in Wales in the rain, it was definitely warmer than that. I stayed right by the beach so it was good to walk down and have lunch and a swim on my brake. There was some woman selling cocktails on the beach for ฿100 so I ended up having loads of long island ice teas.

I didn’t really get up to much this week. The food here wasn’t that good, there wasn’t much to do other than chill in the sun.

I love eating all sorts of food but in Ao Nang was a disappointment. It was full of Indian restaurants selling pizza and everywhere had happy hour all day with a ‘special 20% discount just for you’. I had two good meals; Chicken Panang curry and I also found some kebab shop called Cairo Nights and had the best lamb kebab wrap ever.

Ao Nang Beach

Ao Nang Late Night