Kazakhstan is cold

23rd October 2016

Recently, I had travelled from Georgia to Baku, Azerbaijan. One day in Baku was enough and I decided to head out to somewhere more interesting.

Horse meat at the Green bazar - Almaty, Kazakhstan
Horse meat at the Green bazar – Almaty, Kazakhstan


I booked a next day flight to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Flights to western Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan were cheaper but Almaty was the best option. Uzbekistan requires a visa and it may be difficult to get one in western Kazakhstan.

Almaty is close to China and also Kyrgyzstan. With cities closer together, I can skip out a lot of 20+ hour train journeys through most of central Asia. The plan for the next few months is to stay in central Asia to get a visa for China and then head east towards Bejiing but it’s likely to change.

This week has been good but it seems like there’s more bullshit here. Most people ripping you off, trying to scam you. It’s getting boring constantly checking prices, having to ask for my change. Getting in a taxi, agreeing a price then at the other end they try to charge you $20 on top of that.

Mural in Almaty, Kazakhstan
Mural in Almaty, Kazakhstan


Almaty is a nice place, it’s a developed city but it’s too spread out and there isn’t much to see. I didn’t see much in the city due to bad weather so this post is shorter than I would have liked. After a week I decided to head south-west to Kyrgyzstan’s capital city, Bishkek.

I’m not sure if I like central Asia, it’s too soon to decide.

Soviet arcitecture in Almaty, Kazakhstan
Soviet architecture in Almaty, Kazakhstan