Japan Street Photos

26th May 2016

I loved Japan, but it did get a bit boring towards the end of my stay. This isn’t a rant about Japan, it was amazing but in the last week I didn’t feel like doing much. After visiting Kyoto, Nara and Kobe there wasn’t much else I wanted to do. I didn’t see much and subsequently didn’t take many photos worth sharing.

Delivery Truck - Tenoji, Oska
Delivery Truck – Tenoji, Oska

Japanese food was worth the visit alone. I went to Kobe for some expensive but life changing waygu beef. £60 for a small sirloin and some sides is a bit steep but you get what you pay for. Eating at a ramen bar and choosing from the tiny pictures on the vending machine and hoping for the best. Sushi everywhere you look and of course the Asian speciality; meat on a stick aka yakitori. Japanese food is some of the best i’ve had and even the average food is better than in most other countries.

This old boy's outfit on point
This old boy’s outfit on point

Despite the food and history and just everything typical Japanese there wasn’t much character. No weird stuff, no street food stalls and everything was just normal. You could say normal is a good thing but then you may as well live in Banbury; the most normal town in the world.

Not sure whats going on here
Not sure whats going on here

Travelling for me is about seeing weird things. Taking a shortcut and ending up walking straight through some weird places. You don’t get that in Japan. Osaka was amazing and I would love to go back, perhaps just for a few days next time.

Now i’m in China I am hoping it will be a good month. Shanghai is the most populated city on earth so it should be hectic. I have been trying to post every Wednesday but last week I didn’t have anything to put up. This Wednesday was spent traveling to Shanghai so I didn’t get a chance to put up a post. Normal posts should resume again this week.

Some meathead truck. They were loving me taking a picture
Some meathead truck. They were loving me taking a picture