Israel still think I am a terrorist

1st December 2016

After the long border crossing at the Israel/Egypt border on the way to Petra last week, I expected the same crossing again. This time, I would be crossing the border into Palestine. The occupied west bank is controlled by Israel so I expected them to be more suspicious of me.

A Jewish bloke - Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine
A Jewish bloke – Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine

Leaving Jordan

From Amman; I got a super early bus to the border for 10JD (about £11). It cost another 10JD to exit the country and then another 7JD for the mandatory bus to the Palestinian border. Leaving on the Jordan side was easy enough but the Israel side again was where I had issues.

Watching them ascending nuns - Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine
Watching them ascending nuns – Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine

Entering Israel

This time, the Israel border was different to the Egypt/Israel border. I managed to get all the way to security checks fine then they inspected my passport. After waiting ages, I was ready for my interrogation.

A lady interviewed me and almost straight away got to the juicy questions. Asking things like when I converted to Islam and why I have been to so many Mosques…

So I’m just explaining what I’ve been up to and it turns out she’s looking at my website on the computer. The previous post about the Israel border crossing had been published and she was reading it. She was looking at my facebook profile. She asked more questions about religion and whether I speak Arabic and it was getting so frustrating at this point. Never have I had an issues with religion until trying to enter Israel. Religion causes so much beef.

After some time and a lot of questions I was asked to unlock my phone and she started going through everything. Emails, messages, pictures and looking through all the apps. I had nothing to hide so it wasn’t a problem. She did however see a few bad things; a picture of jacket with a swastika and then emails about other countries. Lebanon and Iran hate Israel so at this point I thought they would deny me entry. I just said I wanted to see Lebanon and Iran but instead chose Israel.

This is normal in Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine
This is normal in Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine

I got into Palestine/Israel

After waiting about for a bit, the lady said I was free to go. It turns out they let me through without any more questioning. I’m definitely on some government muslim terrorist watch list now.

From the Palestinian border, Jerusalem was another 10JD (about £11). The last bus stop was in eastern Jerusalem then I walked to the hostel. To go from Amman to Jerusalem it cost me 37JD or £42 which is expensive.