I love Ukraine

2nd October 2016

Ukraine is a milestone country for me at number 40. I was hoping Ukraine would be nice and Odessa turned out to be a good city to arrive into. Odessa seems like a cool little European city. You hear about Ukraine not being safe and recently there’s been conflict in the east but Odessa was fine. I could walk about at any time and not feel unsafe. Moldova felt a bit dodgy but Odessa is fine.

If you are planning on going to Odessa then check out 3D Hostel it’s right in the city center, it’s cheap and the staff are friendly.

The streets of Odessa, Ukraine
The streets of Odessa, Ukraine
Nuns - Odessa, Ukraine
Nuns – Odessa, Ukraine

After a few days in Odessa it was time to move onto somewhere else. Traveling east from Odessa is a bit difficult and I had a few options. Go across the black sea on a 50+ hour ferry to Georgia which could be good but 2 days with no internet is going to be boring. Fly somewhere or get a visa and travel through Russia. The easiest option is to skip out Russia and then head for one of the countries in the caucuses.

Grafiti - Odessa, Ukraine
Grafiti – Odessa, Ukraine

North of Odessa is Kiev so the next stop is the Capital city then i’ll fly east. Odessa train station was so stressful. Every ticket booth had old grumpy women working behind the counter. Instead of trying to help you buy a ticket they would just shout louder. I managed to get to Kiev fine on the train; it costs about £7.50 for a ten hour train. I’ve booked a flight from Kiev to Yerevan, Armenia so soon i’ll be back in Asia.

Odessa train station
Odessa train station