Hong Kong, Home and Gone Again

11th September 2016

Passports last for ten years and my passport expires early 2017. You need at least 6 months validity to visit most countries so I had to renew it. I headed back to England for the unlimited supply of crisps at my mums house and to renew my passport. Flights from Hanoi to the UK were more expensive than flying to Hong Kong for a night then onto London.

Mong Kok is super busy - Hong Kong
Mong Kok is super busy – Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is mental and it sucks I only stayed 1 night. I got into Mongkok, ate some amazing beef noodles in a back alley then headed out for HK island. Mongkok is exactly how I imagined; Chinese neon signs, lots of people and lots of food.

Mongkok, Hong Kong
Mongkok, Hong Kong

Heading onto the tourist part of the city with the trams and sky scrapers it looks completely different. Shanghai had an amazing skyline and HK is just as impressive, if not more impressive. Hong Kong island has so many trainer shops and clothes shops. It sucks that they they are all Asian sizes and they laugh when you ask for size US 12. After a failed trip up the tram for Victoria peak as they queue was 3 hours long I headed down to the riverside.

Hong Kong skyline is crazy, going across the water on the ferry gives an awesome view of the skyline. Across from the island there is a super busy viewpoint to watch the watched the light show. It was impressive and a bit cheesy, it was more exciting to walk around Kowloon at night.

Hong Kong Skyline
Hong Kong Skyline

Friday I flew back to England. I had plenty of time to head out to the possibly one of the most famous Dim Sum restarunts in the world: Tim Ho Wan. It’s supposed to be the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world and it was cheap indeed. I got to the place half an hour before it opened and there was already a queue outside waiting. Standing in line confused with my menu all in Chinese, the place opened and they handed over an English menu with pictures.

I must have ordered enough for 3 people. When the stacks of dim sum came out some of the locals were giving me some dodgy looks; I just wanted to sample some good food. I’m no food critic but it was one of the best meals i’ve ever had. Lots of really good food, a cool atmosphere and it was £12 for the meal. I can eat a lot but I couldn’t finish my meal.

Kowloon at night - Hong Kong
Kowloon at night – Hong Kong

Hello England

After getting some work done, it was time for the overnight flight back to the UK. Flights are too noisy for me to sleep but this time I had my new noise cancelling headphones. I managed to sleep for 5 or 6 hours and woke up for the layover in Istanbul feeling fine.

Three weeks passed waiting for my passport and there’s not much to say about England. It was good being back in “normal” weather. I drank a lot of beer and had a few Donner kebabs. England knows how to make a good kebab. It has been good seeing family and friends but it’s time to go away again.

My new passport with extra pages
My new passport with extra pages

Bye England

It’s been awesome coming back home but it started to get boring through the week so I called the passport office. They decided to fast track my passport application when I made up some story about going away in a few days. My passport arrived a few days later. Flights out of the UK to Europe are always cheap and £30 to Bulgaria is awesome.

Next stop Bulgaria.