Heading Home

1st February 2014

So it was home time after leaving England 5 weeks ago. It has been a good experience and i’m already thinking of what to do next.

The flight home I expected to destroy all the high scores on the games again on the in-flight tv but there was no games, just bloody awful film and tv shows. Instead I watched some 10 year old top gear as if it was on Dave & then some girly film about a man who could time travel. Nothing interesting. The flight to Bangkok was so much better, I maxed the top scores on the games, watched grand designs and home alone.

Solitaire Top Scores

It has been a few days since my return and the subsequent elections in Bangkok. One of the reasons for heading home before the weekend was because of the elections and potential conflict so saving me having problems I headed back to England on the longest journey ever.

I was up and checked out of the hostel for 7:00am and at the airport for about 8:00am ready for my 7 and a half hour flight to Bahrain at 10:00am. The flight was full of rich arabs covered head to toe in gems & silk shirts and there was so many weird Muslims walking about saying prayers for most of the flight which was a bit unnecessary. With a 12 hours layover in Bahrain I thought i’d go and have a look about because I was told it is similar to Dubai. After getting my Visa, there was no public transport, just limos and taxis so I got into a taxi and asked for the ‘city center’ which is a typically normal thing to ask for.

Traveling around you find that there is always some sort of ‘old town’ with a old architecture and markets etc, similar to the more traditional way of life like in the image above (stole off google). It was not what I found — it looks like the entire city of Manama is about 30 years old with no cultural history other than some tiny fort on the edge of town. So when I arrived at the ‘city center’ it was a shopping mall called that, typical. I had some shit over priced Turkish meal which comprised of tomato, yogurt and some donna meat and their version of hummus which was some crappy breads and left.

Bahrain — The Country of Shopping Malls and Hotels

Disappointed in Bahrain and after telling the taxi driver looking at me confused when I said I didn’t want to see any malls or hotels I headed back to the airport and tried to sleep on a bench in departures, lovely. On the plain I was tired as hell and slept most of it, most likely snoring like it was my day job.

I always love getting back into England and hearing ‘ello mate’ in a proper english accent and I had been back half an hour and already wound somebody up cutting through one of them unnecessary long rope queues at immigration. Back in the rain and cold was a shock because by now I was used to the sweet weather of Asia. All the green fields, grumpy looking people and gray skies was a typical mid-winter welcome home. Going through London at sunrise was a cool experience and although i’ve done it in the past, this time I was sober and although the images I took were only on my phone Marylebone train station looked pretty sweet.

London Marylebone at Sunrise

With a load of developed films, I had tried scanning them in using some dodgy method found on the internet which didn’t work — no surprise there though I guess, give it some time and the photos will be scanned in however. I am hoping to carry on my blog posts in England, focusing more on; general goings on, posting old stories and codes etc.