General Update

23rd January 2014

I’m not very frequent in these blog posts. Not because lack of things to write about. I’m just new to this stuff and it’s not my forte. So after spending a couple of cool days in Tallinn, I travelled across the Baltic sea to Helsinki, Finland – country number 4 on my trip.

Films From Tallinn

So I have some photos from Tallinn still to be developed, however there were a few I had shot that were scanned that came out alright. The colours look great and it’s good considering I was using cheap film. Tallinn was a great old city in Europe and it was a real gem; certainly a place that I will one day re-visit. Maybe a return visit for Simple Session may be on the cards, but probably not. I love these images, the colours are very vibrant and it’s a shame I didn’t take as many. I guess I will just have to shoot more next time. It’s times like this that I kind of wish I went digital because I could have gone back and re-shoot a pic the next day.

View From Tallinn's City Walls


Helsinki was so clean, nice and the people there all seemed pretty nice. I met someone in the hostel and ended up at some tiny little pub out in the suburbs drinking local beers and eating salted liquorice. It was good.

By this time, I wasn’t running low on money, but going through northern Europe would have made my cash run out fast. After 2 days of wondering around Helsinki, I went on another wimb and booked the cheapest flight to one of the cheapest countries, Thailand.


After the 6 million hour trip and 4 airplane meals I landed in Bangkok. No luggage and my bank was blocked as soon as I tried to withdraw some cash.

My stuff turned up the next day and I somehow managed to get my cash western unioned to me so time to take on what Thailand has to offer. Whilst I climates to the heat (going from Finland to Thailand is a bit of a shock) I decided to go up north and visit the smaller city of Chang Mai.

So when I got to Chiang Mai last week, one of the first things I did was find a photo lab. I got the photos developed and scanned for a reasonable price which I was pretty chuffed with. When I got my photos back and they had done a terrible job. First the USB stick I gave them had somehow been broken (great start) and then the negatives were scratched and then it turns out they only scanned in one of the three films.

I haven’t posted any pics on here because of the lack of photos and being in Chiang Mai I did not want to risk the same happening. Being back in Bangkok, I went to a photo lab and took another few rolls of film to a shop but they wanted almost £5 to scan each of them, so I will subsequently have no decent photos for a while on this blog. I will however have many photos taken from my phone.

Lost in Bankgkok

Thailand Is Amazing

Moving on, Bangkok is not what I expected. So many people and so much air pollution. I have been in Thailand for 2 weeks now and it has been really good. So much great food, great ice tea and cool sights. There are nice areas, but so much of Thailand is cool just to get lost and go around the back alleys and just see all sorts of stuff.

All in all, i’m not arsed with these big grand temple, but I went and had a look just out of curiosity. It’s all pretty crap and is only there to make money – even in Chiang Mai, I visited a temple called Doi Suthep which was equally disappointing. What is great about Bangkok and indeed Chiang Mai is going off the beaten track you’ll find something interesting and even if you don’t then get on a motorbike taxi and they will take you anywhere for a couple of quid.

It sucks how washed out these images look. I blame xray scanners.

Some Tourist Temples