Georgia the country not Georgia the US state

11th October 2016

USA has a state called Georgia and I will go there one day but first I wanted to see the Georgia the country. It was just a few hours on a bus through the mountains from Yerevan, Armenia so I headed there one afternoon after checking out of my hostel in Yerevan.

Old lady selling clothes on the streets of Tbilisi, Georgia
Old lady selling clothes on the streets of Tbilisi, Georgia

The Journey

Bus journeys are straight forward but the journey to Georgia was strange. Just as we had left Yerevan, at some point the driver pulled up on the side of the road. Some fat woman and 2 children jumped out a car and got into the minivan. She tried to steal my seat so I kicked off but ended up having 2 children sat next to me causing trouble whist the mother played candy crush.

So were a few hours down the road and one of the kids started climbing on me so I pushed him off. He turned around and puked all over his mum and sister, it was a lucky escape for me. The minivan stank of puke so the driver pulled over. For some reason the woman was still trying to finish the level on candy crush covered in puke, thats dedication. Half an hour later were back on road in the smelly van with the windows wide open driving 120km/h along the mountain roads. By this time some strange Armenian in the back was complaining about the journey taking ages. I just put my headphones in, watched the sunset over the mountains and arrived into Tbilisi in no time.

Despite the strange bus journey, it was awesome. Georgia and Armenia has some stunning countryside.

Potato salesman - Tbilisi, Georgia
Potato salesman – Tbilisi, Georgia


Compared to Yerevan; Tbilisi is a different city. I love it here, the old town is on a hill with lots of back alleys and old buildings. What I like about Tbilisi is how different the city is away from the tourist center. Outside of the “old town” tourist area is the real old town. Old wonky buildings have loads more character than the brand new “old town” you see in center.

So far, i’ve had to get things sorted such as Visas so i’ve not seen too much of Tbilisi. I am going to wait it out here for my Azerbaijan visa to get sorted and see the city.

Tbilisi old town - Georgia
Tbilisi old town – Georgia