Europe 2016 – Budapest, Hungary

10th January 2016

Since leaving Taipei and coming to Budapest, i’ve celebrated Christmas and New Years Eve. It’s good going away and seeing new places but it’s always good to return home. Even if you live in a small, boring town.

I had originally planned to go to Barcelona towards the end of January. I booked a flight from Birmingham to Barcelona for £10 back in November. I ended up going on a more expensive, £30 flight to Budapest straight after New Years eve.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in Eastern Europe. The first thing you notice getting here is the cold, it was mild in England but in Budapest is is almost -10.

St. Stephen's Basilica - Budapest, Hungary
St. Stephen’s Basilica – Budapest, Hungary

First Impressions

I arrived late on Saturday night so I just walked the streets by Blaha Lujza looking for food and a beer. On every street is a kebab shop and cheap pubs. I got a beer for about 60p which is the cheapest beer I think I’ve ever have had.

First impressions of the city are great. Staying away from the tourist traps you can find some good food, nice beer and loads of street art.

Artwork in Budapest Jewish Quarter
Artwork in Budapest Jewish Quarter

Jewish Quarter

I am staying in the Jewish Quarter in Budapest so I walk through the streets there almost every day. It’s good seeing signs in Hebrew and the men in their Jewish outfits, I’ve not seen that before.

If you want good food then go and walk around the Jewish Quarter. I haven’t eaten much Hungarian food, but i’ve had pretty much everything else.

Buda Castle

I went to check out Buda Castle on the hill. Tourist things are typically boring and Buda Castle was no exception. You get up to the top of the hill and it’s a castle that’s got some museum in. You can get a view of the east side of the city from the castle but from what I saw, there isn’t much to see at the top of the hill.

Hungarian Parliament Building - Budapest
Hungarian Parliament Building – Budapest

Budapest Parliament

Crossing back over the river via the chain bridge; I walked up to the parliament buildings. The weather was rainy and bit foggy so the images that came out of my camera are not that great but it is impressive.

Travel Update

I will be in Hungary for a few more weeks before heading off to Bratislava and then onto Prague. This year I have a lot of big plans so 2016 will be a year to remember.

This blog post seems a bit bare, because i’m not that great at writing. I hope that writing more posts through the year, I will learn how to write better. Look out for more posts in Budapest and subsequent countries throughout the year.