Europe 2014 Overview

7th February 2014

Most people will think of Europe as Spain or Italy and whist that is true, there’s plenty more to see. I don’t mind the cold and decided to go where people don’t normally go. I’ve been to Spain. I wanted to go somewhere you never really hear about.

I Like Photographs

I’m pretty geeky and like cameras and stuff. My trip and indeed this blog was always about looking back at things I have done and places visited. Even if this blog wasn’t packed full of posts, it was always something nice to look back on.

At the time I was away, I only had a film camera with me. I had some cracking gear but it’s a bit hit and miss with getting them processed. I made do and had some mixed results. Many of my films were delayed because I was getting them developed and not having them scanned because they would take 2 or 3 days which isn’t good. After coming home from my travels I managed to borrow a film scanner (cheers Chaz, it works a treat) so now the task of scanning a ton of films is underway.

Grand Place

After new years eve in Brussels I had decided to stay and possibly go somewhere else. Once the others got on the megabus home, I headed for an internet cafe to decide what on my next move. My original plan was to go to Germany and Poland and in that general direction etc. Busses to Germany were a bit of faff getting there at 4am which wouldn’t be good so I had to rethink my strategy; looking on SkyScanner I found the cheapest flight was to Latvia so I booked a ticket and got the train to Brussels airport. Going to Latvia was going to be either a really good idea, or a really bad idea. All the way to Latvia I was in some sort of sketchy mood kinda thinking i’d regret it and it wouldn’t be until the next day that I found out.

Eastern Europe is the coolest place ever and somewhere you don’t really hear much about unless it’s on that singing contest. After a few days wondering around Riga I headed to Estonia’s capital, Tallinn. The journey between Tallinn and Riga was through loads of countryside and it ran parallel to the Baltic sea which was nice. I have heard of Tallinn before because of the BMX competition, Simple Session and I had looked at the city online so it was good to be visiting. Of all the places I have visited in the past few years, this was the most surprising and I will probably return one day.

One of Many Churches in Rīga

Whilst in Tallinn I shot some photos whilst walking about and one of my films got jammed, maybe because of the cold, but I lost 36 pictures. Despite loosing a film I had successfully shot some good pictures of the outer and non touristy part of the city walls on two sides of the city centre.

Tallin Old City

Stalls in Tallinn

Tallinn Rooftops

Despite my best efforts, by the time I had these films processed they had been through many x-ray scanners which may have been detrimental to the quality. I guess it’s something to consider next time. Most of the shots were taken with a 15mm and you can see some have quite bad vignetting and apparently some people like. Despite this, some of these photographs depict an old medieval old city of which Tallinn is.

Despite a film jamming and exposing half of the shots, I managed to get a few good shots. I have many more not posted but I guess I could post them another time.

Walking out of the city in Tallinn, I found some Russian neighbourhood and walked round all the markets and down residential streets. It’s good to see how people live, you can put your life into context.