Israel thought I was a terrorist

24th November 2016

10:30am Saturday morning I left Dahab in the direction of Israel. The plan was to travel overland through the southern part of Israel and then into Jordan.

Two hours on a bus through the Sinai region of Egypt I was at the border town of Taba. You have to get out at the bus station and then walk the remaining 1km to the Israel border. Leaving the Egyptian side was a pain but nowhere near as bas as it was going to be on the Israel side.

Dahab to Taba bus ticket
Dahab to Taba bus ticket

Getting into Israel

On the Israel side things got complicated. I walked into a cage, put my passport through a letter box and a man on the other side of bullet proof glass looked at it. On the 4th page of my passport is a visa for Azerbaijan; he looked at that, looked at me then called someone over.

A lady and a man with a assult rifle came over and escorted me away. I was getting some pretty strange questions, they were asking me where my weapons where and everything. They took all my belongings off me and made me sit in a small ass room. Another man with guns just stood there watching me for the whole time.

The border police went through everything I own as if I was a terrorist, then came the questioning. Asking where I have been in the past 6 months was a difficult question; it’s a long list. They wanted to know every hotel and town I had visited and what dates. Why I was in each country and city, what was my favourite place in each city. I told them to go on my website and see where I have been; if your reading this border police then you suck.

It started to get serious when one of them was asking about religion and where my family came from. They were certain that I was a part of some sort of terorrist organisation. I wanted to get funny with them about the religious questions but then I would have ended up in a prison cell.

Eventually they kindly let me re pack everything I owned and then I was in Israel. From there, I got talking to a Russian guy who offered a lift to the city so I could look for somewhere to stay for the night.

Border security - Taba, Egypt
Border security – Taba, Egypt

First impressions?

Israel makes out that they are some victim of some sort of race war. Entering into the country, i’m not even religious and they judged me for some potential religion.. First impressions of Jewish/Israeli people are that they are really judgemental In the city later that night i put my things through an xray scanner to enter a shop and the security looked at the Egyptian money I had, slammed it down and gave me evils.

Israel is expensive

Later that night after paying £25 for a hostel for the night I headed out to sit by the red sea and chill out. A bottle of water, bread and some humus cost me 60 sheckles (about £12).

I paid with a 100 sheckles note and then 5 minutes later and ask for my change. Not only is it expensive, they try to mug you off. The man was asking where his tip was. I had already paid £12 for some humus, so my tip was telling him not to beg for tips. I’m not tight, tips should be optional.