Doi Suthep Festival

12th September 2015

So I went up Doi Suthep earlier and whilst i’ve been there before, this time it was different. I got on a songthaew and started going up the mountain and for some reason there was hundreds of people in uniform walking towards the hill. Once the songthaew started going up the mountain road it started to get busier and busier to the point that the road was just full of people. I didn’t have a clue what was going on but there was a load of people dressed up in some sort of ninja outfits.

Doi Suthep Mountain

I’m guessing it was a religious festival because thousands of people must have been walking up this mountain on their way to Wat Doi Suthep. Normally it takes 30 mins to get to the top but this time it took an hour and a half and then 2 hours to get back. I don’t really know what was going on and I should have asked a local but it was good to see people marching up some massive mountain. I was knackered just walking up 200 something the stairs to the temple so these people must have been absolutely shattered.

I’d like to bang on about everything on here but I didn’t know what was going on so I just took a few pictures of the people and the journey. After having a wonder around Wat Doi Suthep and getting a really good view of Chiang Mai at some newly built lookout point (last time I was here it was burning season so you couldn’t see very far) – I headed back down the hill, getting some Khao Soi en route and walking down the mountain trying to get some shots on the camera. After getting a lift in a songthaew I was dropped at Chiang Mai Zoo and walked the last few kilometres back to Nimmanhaemin Road. I didn’t know what was going on today but it was good to see a load of people walking up the massive hill.

Meanwhile, I was happy going back down to Chiang Mai and getting some stir fried chicken with cashews and I don’t know if it was Thai or not but it was so good. Either way Nimmen area has a ton of good places to eat and it will take a while to figure out the best places to go.

Somebody Walking up to Wat Doi Suthep

The Busy Wat Doi Suthep Stair Climb

En Route to Wat Doi Suthep