Leaving Vietnam and onto Hong Kong

12th August 2016

Vietnam has been awesome. So much good coffee, tasty food and it’s cheap. I think i’m getting burnt out of traveling now, or maybe just Asia. I have been looking at alternatives, maybe eastern Europe again for a while. Hanoi Hanoi seems different to Ho Chi Minh and even though I have not seen much of each cities…

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Ha Long Bay

10th August 2016

One of the more famous places in Vietnam is Ha Long Bay so that’s what I went to see. From Hanoi it’s a cramped 4 hour bus ride to the bay and I love to complain about transport but this bus was so cramped.Half way I managed to stretch my legs and get some feeling back in…

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Heading north in Vietnam

8th August 2016

Right now i’m in Vietnam and I won’t get to see the whole country but it’s been mostly awesome so far. Danang wasn’t the most exciting city but it makes a change from super busy cities. Danang was good for not doing much; chilling by the sea and drinking coconuts. Hoi An is near Danang and…

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Vietnam hates me?

4th August 2016

Almost a year of traveling and I haven’t gotten sick once (food poisoning don’t count). My first week in Vietnam hasn’t been the best experience. I got sick A few days into my stay at Ho Chi Minh city I got so ill. Trying to cope with a fever in Asia on your own isn’t ideal; I…

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Ho Chi Minh / Saigon

27th July 2016

Ho Chi Minh, or Saigon as it’s also known is a city i’ve always wanted to check out and from Cambodia its a short journey. Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh is about 7 hours on a bus. Coming from the UK, 7 hours used to sound like a long time but it isn’t long…

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