United Kingdom

Hong Kong, Home and Gone Again

11th September 2016

Passports last for ten years and my passport expires early 2017. You need at least 6 months validity to visit most countries so I had to renew it. I headed back to England for the unlimited supply of crisps at my mums house and to renew my passport. Flights from Hanoi to the UK were more expensive…

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Messed Up Scans

17th December 2015

Tesco in Banbury do really cheap film processing and I think it was something like £3 a roll including scanning. Normally they do a stellar job and the scans come out looking really good. This time, I must have pissed off the lady or something and the scans all came out messed up. I think all…

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St Paul’s Cathedral, London

10th December 2015

I loose everything and I lost my phone on a night out in London. About 3 weeks later I get a phone call from Marylebone Station saying they had my phone. Apparently I had left it on the underground on the train on the way back. I decided to make the most of a trip to…

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28th June 2015

So I live 20 minutes on the train to Oxford and i’ve only ever just gone there for food or to go shopping. I woke up real early on the weekend and instead of wasting a nice sunny day, I went to Oxford for something to do and test out the Leica M9.

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Heading Home

1st February 2014

So it was home time after leaving England 5 weeks ago. It has been a good experience and i’m already thinking of what to do next.

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Chiang Mai

23rd January 2014

I wanted to travel to somewhere more chilled out and quieter than Bangkok; the pollution here at first made me pretty ill. I opted not to go to the usual destinations like Phuket, because although it is probably nice; i’m not fussed with a bunch of white piss heads. They are all over the place…

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