My camera is broken

1st February 2017

Recently I have missed out on a lot of photos because the images would be covered in dust spots. I left Hong Kong and headed back to Thailand and found a camera store online to get it cleaned properly. It turns out that my camera has a common problem in that the sensor corrodes. To get the camera fixed,…

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Bangkok and onto Cambodia

17th July 2016

Flights out of Thailand are cheaper from Bangkok so I decided to travel down from Chiang Mai.  I am heading on to Siem Reap, Cambodia after a few nights in Bangkok. You can get a 6 hour bus to Cambodia but I decided to just get a flight, it’s cheap enough and im not much of a “backpacker”. Chiang…

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Another month in Chiang Mai

13th July 2016

Why Chiang Mai? I don’t know. I always seem to end up back here and it’s nothing special, it’s just chilled out. It’s different from the rest of Thailand. This time of the year is the rainy season and when it rains, it rains. Rain here is nice, its not to hot but always above 30…

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Chiang Rai, Thailand

6th July 2016

Chiang Mai is the second city in Thailand and it’s not as busy as Bangkok but I wanted to go somewhere more chilled out. Chiang Rai is the most northern city and close to the Myanmar border and I went for a few days to see what it is like. From Chiang Mai bus station…

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How much does it cost to live in Thailand?

30th June 2016

Somehow I always end up back in Thailand. It’s easy to live here so why not. China was great but the air pollution and internet censorship made things difficult. Here in Chiang Mai you can live soooo cheap. I’ve decided to try and outline out the basic cost of living in Chiang Mai to show how cheap living…

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Its Thai New Year and Im Missing Songkran

14th April 2016

Songkran AKA Thai new year this year starts on April the 13th. My stay in Thailand expires on the 12th. So instead, i’m sat here in the airport heading to Kuala Lumpur. I was contemplating overstaying or extending my stay, but i’ve had enough of Thailand for a bit now.  I’ve not seen rain in a month,…

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Birthday Weekend

7th April 2016

It’s my birthday in April which is also the hottest month in Thailand. 40+ degrees isn’t nice but i’m getting about on the moped which is keeping me cool. Saturday morning I had to sort out something with my bike. Afterwards, I did the usual tourist thing and headed to the markets in the city….

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This is what £300 a month gets you in Chiang Mai, Thailand

26th March 2016

South East Asia is cheaper to live than the west and Chiang Mai is no exception. You can find apartments in Chiang Mai for as little as £100 a month, but that is a basic room and bathroom. I decided to look for something a bit nicer than a room with a bed and it’s surprising what you…

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Back out to Chiang Mai…. Again

20th March 2016

I left Thailand saying I wouldn’t be back any time soon and somehow i’m back; and it’s hot. Going from freezing temperatures in Poland to 38 degrees in Thailand takes a bit of getting used to. As far as i’m aware; Bangkok is the cheapest city to fly to in South East Asia so I…

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Traveling to Seoul, South Korea

1st November 2015

This weekend has been an interesting and frustrating one. I had booked a flight Saturday morning at 2am from Bangkok to Seoul, South Korea. I went for some BBQ on Friday night in Siam because BBQ takes ages to eat. Come out the BBQ place about 8pm and I still have ages till my flight…

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