South Korea

Photos from Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong

11th May 2017

It’s been a while since i’ve posted on here. I’ve not been up to a whole lot; just traveling around East Asia eating noodles and taking photos. Re-visiting cities isn’t the best because then I get lazy and just re-visit what I have already seen.  I’m writing this from a small city in Taiwan so…

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Back in Seoul for a week then i’m off to Osaka

24th April 2016

After almost a week in Kuala Lumpur was enough time in the city. I went to KL because it’s cheap to fly to South Korea. My flight wasn’t till 8pm so I had a lot of time to kill in the airport and decided to work on something new. I come up with It’s…

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Suwon, South Korea

6th December 2015

This weekend is my last in Korea. I’ve been here for almost 6 weeks so I wanted to go outside of Seoul for my last weekend. I’ve spent 10% of this year in Korea. I spent the day in Suwon, a city about an hour south of Seoul.

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Visiting the North/South Korean DMZ

23rd November 2015

The idea of visiting a still active war and minefield between the two divisions of Korea seems really interesting but in reality it was the exact opposite. I had looked online at going to the DMZ and decided I wasn’t going but this weekend just gone I ended up going out of curiosity.

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DMZ Tank

22nd November 2015

This tank was in a public park nearby Dorasan Station on the South Korean side of the DMZ. I will write a post on the trip to the DMZ, but overall it wasn’t good as I had hoped. Maybe next time I will make the trip from the North Side.  

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Korean Motorbike Delivery

21st November 2015

I was in central seoul earlier en route to my apartment when I shot this photo. I’m not sure if he’s delivering wonder bras and sellotape or just he’s just been on a mad spending spree and gets up to weird things. Either way, the shot looks really good shot wide open. At the time my camera had…

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Bukchon Village, Gwangjang Market and Dongdaemun

15th November 2015

I try and make the most of my weekends as I am busy through the week. I decided to see as much as possible of Seoul on foot. First, I had to move rooms in my apartment and get some lunch. After that, I had a general idea of where I wanted to go for…

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Nami Island, Korea in Autmn

14th November 2015

I had a look online at places to visit from Seoul within an hour radius and Nami island looked like it was worth a visit. Saturday morning I got to Yongsan Train Station and got a return train ticket for 8000 won which is about £4.50. I guess public transport in Korea is quite good…

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A Weekend in Seoul

9th November 2015

Last weekend I flew to Seoul on the Friday night with no sleep. I was in Korea with no sleep and no money so the weekend wasn’t that great. This weekend I had plenty of time to just walk around the city. I’m in no rush to visit everywhere in Seoul in one weekend so…

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My First Week in Seoul, South Korea

5th November 2015

Coming form Thailand, the first thing I noticed was the massive temperature difference. When I left Bangkok on Friday night it was 34 degrees and super humid. On arrival in Seoul the following day it was 5 degrees. Walking the streets was a bit of a shock at first but you get used to it…

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