Malaysian Borneo, Brunei and onto Bali

25th February 2017

Borneo is one of the largest islands in the world and I cannot sum up the island in one post. My camera is currently in for repair so I felt a bit lost walking about not taking pictures. There’s some awesome pictures I missed out on and the iPhone camera is good but nothing compared to a…

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KL China Town, Malaysia

16th April 2016

Back in KL, i’m staying at the Reggae Hostel and it’s right by china town. I’ve been around china town a few times now and it’s a good one. Not as fancy as London or as mental as Bangkok, but it’s a good china town. I wasn’t excited coming to KL; last time I was…

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Its Thai New Year and Im Missing Songkran

14th April 2016

Songkran AKA Thai new year this year starts on April the 13th. My stay in Thailand expires on the 12th. So instead, i’m sat here in the airport heading to Kuala Lumpur. I was contemplating overstaying or extending my stay, but i’ve had enough of Thailand for a bit now.  I’ve not seen rain in a month,…

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Visiting Kuala Lumpur

3rd October 2015

So as my month in Thailand was up. I had to leave and I had a few choices; do a border run and get 14 days extra, go back to England, go somewhere else or the option I took which was fly out of the country and then back to Bangkok for another visa stamp….

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