My thoughts on Israel

4th December 2016

Many countries hate Israel. Just going to Israel will prevent me from going to other countries in future; Lebanon and Iran for example. It’s a controversial place to visit but I decided to go there and make my own decision. It’s hard to not talk bad about Israel when my experiences are not good. I’m…

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Israel still think I am a terrorist

1st December 2016

After the long border crossing at the Israel/Egypt border on the way to Petra last week, I expected the same crossing again. This time, I would be crossing the border into Palestine. The occupied west bank is controlled by Israel so I expected them to be more suspicious of me. Leaving Jordan From Amman; I got a…

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Israel thought I was a terrorist

24th November 2016

10:30am Saturday morning I left Dahab in the direction of Israel. The plan was to travel overland through the southern part of Israel and then into Jordan. Two hours on a bus through the Sinai region of Egypt I was at the border town of Taba. You have to get out at the bus station and…

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