Hong Kong

Hong Kong to Chongqing

18th June 2017

I visited China last year and ever since, i’ve wanted to go back and see as much of the country as possible. Hong Kong’s Chinese embassy issue 2 days visas without requiring any proof of itinerary which is a perfect place to start. Getting to Guilin After an uneventful couple of days in HK the…

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Photos from Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong

11th May 2017

It’s been a while since i’ve posted on here. I’ve not been up to a whole lot; just traveling around East Asia eating noodles and taking photos. Re-visiting cities isn’t the best because then I get lazy and just re-visit what I have already seen.  I’m writing this from a small city in Taiwan so…

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New York to Hong Kong

28th January 2017

USA has been good and I would love to live in NYC at some point to scope out the city. Apartments in New York are too expensive so I won’t be doing that any time soon. As for now; I miss Asia so I am returning to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year. When my…

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Hong Kong, Home and Gone Again

11th September 2016

Passports last for ten years and my passport expires early 2017. You need at least 6 months validity to visit most countries so I had to renew it. I headed back to England for the unlimited supply of crisps at my mums house and to renew my passport. Flights from Hanoi to the UK were more expensive…

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Leaving Vietnam and onto Hong Kong

12th August 2016

Vietnam has been awesome. So much good coffee, tasty food and it’s cheap. I think i’m getting burnt out of traveling now, or maybe just Asia. I have been looking at alternatives, maybe eastern Europe again for a while. Hanoi Hanoi seems different to Ho Chi Minh and even though I have not seen much of each cities…

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