Urumqi to Almaty via the Alashankou Druzhba border crossing

15th July 2017

Crossing borders in western China can be long as there are no easy routes out of the country. I got to Urumqi and had planned to see more of Xinjiang but I had enough of China by this point and decided to leave for Kazakhstan. I had read online that the easiest way to get…

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I traveled 7000km across China for £211

13th July 2017

I traveled 7000km across China, most of it by high speed railway and for only £211. I thought i’d share the route I took. It was a cheap journey but it could have much cheaper as I always chose the fastest option. I think I could have traveled the same route for less than £150…

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Photos from Chengdu

2nd July 2017

Here’s some street photos from Chengdu as well as some pandas. I spent a week in the city; saw pandas, got lost in the city and ate lots of spicy food. It’s one of my favourite cities in China so far.

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Pandas in Chengdu

21st June 2017

Sichuan is the home of the Giant Panda and Chengdu has the most famous Panda breeding centre so that’s where I headed. You can hike through the forest and see wild Pandas but I’m too lazy to hike all day and have the chance of not seeing a single Panda. The place where I’m staying wrote me…

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Hong Kong to Chongqing

18th June 2017

I visited China last year and ever since, i’ve wanted to go back and see as much of the country as possible. Hong Kong’s Chinese embassy issue 2 days visas without requiring any proof of itinerary which is a perfect place to start. Getting to Guilin After an uneventful couple of days in HK the…

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Guilin and Onwards

20th June 2016

This weekend I was planning on going to Beijiing but ended up going somewhere completely different. I was eating my beef noodles one day and looking at the pictures on the 元20 note. One side has a photo of Guilin and it looked nice so after a couple of Google image searches I ended up booking a flight. Everywhere in…

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Busy Shanghai

8th June 2016

Less than 100 years ago Shanghai was only a small city. Current day Shanghai is modern and completely different to how I would picture China. Walking through the city is hectic but you can end up in some interesting places. My camera needs some maintenance so I decided that Shanghai is a good place to get it…

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China is Awesome

28th May 2016

Shanghai is the most populated city on Earth so it’s going to be hectic. England has a population of about 60 million people and Shanghai alone is almost half of that. 6am Wednesday it was time to leave Osaka and by 9am I was on the plane. After an hour and half of straight turbulence…

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