China is Awesome

28th May 2016

Shanghai is the most populated city on Earth so it’s going to be hectic. England has a population of about 60 million people and Shanghai alone is almost half of that.

6am Wednesday it was time to leave Osaka and by 9am I was on the plane. After an hour and half of straight turbulence the plane was in China and I was through customs in 10 minutes.

Streets of Shanghai (I dont know where this is, I was lost)
Streets of Shanghai (I dont know where this is, I was lost)

Shanghai has the worlds fastest maglev (magnetic levitation) train so I had to go on it and i’m not a train nerd but it was cool. It takes 7 minutes to get into the city and it travels at 430km/h. It’s crazy to be on the ground at that speed with everything flying past to fast.

After the Maglev into the city and onto the metro I was at my apartment without any hassle. Travelling to so many countries and seeing everything written in English is so easy. Respect to people in the UK who can’t understand a thing, it must be hard work.

Quiet Streets in Shanghai
Quiet Streets in Shanghai


Shanghai will be my home for the month. Whilst I don’t have any solid plans on what to do I’ve been looking into places to go. Just walking about in Shanghai is interesting. I’ve not been here long and already seen some interesting stuff; a lady with a sack full of frogs for example. It’s not weird, just not something you would see in the west.

Compared to the price of the apartment in Shanghai, everything else is cheap. Getting about on the metro costs nothing and street food is just as cheap. I just went to an average restaurant for lunch some sort of Tofu soup, rice and some braised ribs for £1.50.

I’m excited to try some good Chinese food this month. I found a dim sum place that Eddie Huang went to in Huang’s world and said it was a bit shitty. They were out of xiao long bao and the other dumplings were average.

QiBao Old Town - Shanghai, China
QiBao Old Town – Shanghai, China

QiBao Old town

Tourist attractions are a bit cheesy but QiBao is on the outskirts of Shanghai and on the metro so It was easy to get to. QiBao it’s self is only small. It’s comprised of a loads of small shops and some tea houses by a canal.

QiBao Canal - Shanghai, China
QiBao Canal – Shanghai, China

Being a tourist place it was busy so I wondered down some back alleys. It was here that I saw a lady with a sack of live frogs and her husband next to her cutting them up with scissors. This is what I want to see, I don’t care about souvenirs.

Somewhere in Shanghai
Somewhere in Shanghai

Plans for the Month

My plans this month were to see as much of China as possible. The problem with that is my camera shutter button is starting to go stiff so it needs a repair job. Hopefully it won’t cost too much.

Beijing or Xian are a bit far away by train so I may fly and stay in each place for a few days.

Temple at QiBao - Shanghai, China
Temple at QiBao – Shanghai, China