Chilled Day In Bangkok

29th January 2014

So today I wanted to do nothing. After doing some coding on the laptop for a bit I decided to go out and get some headphones seeing as the ones I have are falling apart. Silom is a pretty busy place in Bangkok and even busier with all these protest. After a few minutes of walking around the crowded protest area by Sala Daeng I made a move and got something to eat. There was some famous man on a stage talking about something in Thai and I didn’t have a clue what he was on about.

Until now the only Japanese food I had was sushi. The place I found looked great and I sat down and ordered some stuff; Gyoza and some prawn udon soup. Both arrived pretty quick and tasted great, by now my chop stick skills are on point enough to not get it everywhere. I was ‘that bloke’ who takes pictures of food and posts it on the internet.

I’ve decided that if I opened a restaurant, it would probably be Japanese, they know how to make some good food… They also know how to make some bad food. I treated myself to an extra portion of what I imagined to be prawns; I bit into the first one and chewed some sort of sucker… it was octopus legs & I like squid but this interesting. Thats one thing I wouldn’t rush out for.

Prawn Udon Soup


Walking down some smaller road en route back home I spotted some cool barber shop. I don’t know why I liked it, the place just looked cool & I wasn’t be arsed waiting for the bloke on the left of the picture to move to I jus took a quick pic on my phone.

Only a short post today as I have not done much. Yesterday I shot my last roll of film which would make that 12 rolls to scan when I return home which does not seem like much but it is super slow. Hopefully i’ve got some nice shots.