Chiang Mai – China Town and Warorot Market

12th September 2015

I’ve visited the market area in Chiang Mai before and I think I have written on here about them but it’s always good to revisit places. I went today and tried to do some street photography and just take some pictures of the people.

It always feels weird taking pictures of people and they probably get a bit freaked out but I think once I get over feeling a bit weird pointing a camera at people I should start to come out with some good images.

I think I might need to invest in a new lense for my camera. I only have a 40mm f1.4 and a 15mm f4 which are two weird focal lengths. The 40mm is great and at f1.4 it has great bokeh but I think a 35mm would be a better focal length. I love my 15mm f4 but it isn’t much use because the rear element is too close to the sensor and makes the corners of the images really dark.

Crossing the Road

Chiang Mai Day Market

So I headed out on a songthaew to China Town and nice and early to avoid the tourists. Once there the market stalls were not full open so I just got some pics on the street. The image above was taken just off from the main China Town strip. I think it looks great and the building in the back has a cool grimy sign that makes it as well as the songthaew. The lady’s facial expression is interesting.

Early morning there’s only really the market for locals open so first stop I went by the river to Ton Lamyai Flower Market which smells so good. It looks great and if you spent some time there you could nail some really good shots but I just had a quick walk past on my way to the indoor market.

Flower Market

Chiang Mai China Town

Anyone interested in going to Chiang Mai I would say China Town area is a good place to spend a day.

In the day you have a number of outdoor markets. If you can stomach it theres a meat and fish market which is good to try and figure out what half the stuff is, but it absolutely stinks. I did clock someone selling buckets of tortoises, I just wanted to buy them all and set them free like loads of little Koopa shells.

There is the Warorot Market which I think is more or less the whole market complex, I could be wrong and I probably am. This is good for tourist stuff and theres is an indoor section of the market where you can go up a load of stairs and take some photos of the market below. I didn’t manage to get a decent picture so you should use your imagination, or google.

Theres loads at the day market and it’s just somewhere you need to visit and walk about and go down the soi’s and see it for yourself. It’s not as crazy as the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok but it’s something to do and see whilst you are here.

Lady Selling Birds

Chiang Mai Night Market

The Chiang Mai Night Bazar / Night Market is very close to China Town and is completely different. Aimed at tourists, the place sells all sorts. It’s quite impressive and gets really busy, but they don’t really sell anything unique compared to the next bazar, they just sell things. It’s probably good to walk about and drink a few beers but I didn’t see anything worth buying. I was looking for some snake wine but apparently nowhere in Thailand really sells it. Right next to the main night market is a chinese seafood restaurant that looked more like a pet shop and it had all sorts of exotic fish which was quite funny but it didn’t look appetising.

Last time I was at the night market, there was a stall selling cases of butterflies which looked really cool but this time he wasn’t there which is a shame. If you are looking for gifts or cheap sunglasses then this place will be spot on. For me, I just wanted to get some noodles and have a look about. I ended up getting pizza for some bizarre reason.

The night market is dark and I didn’t want to be constantly changing settings on my camer. Instead, I just took a couple of over exposed super bright images which didn’t come out that great but at least it’s an image. The image below was taken right on the main road next to the night market.

If you are in Chiang Mai then you should go to the day market, wait about and then go to the night bazar. It’s a decent day and theres plenty of food about to keep you going.

Chiang Mai Night Bazar